EXPERIMENTS: Evoking Mercury

At the Crossroads

I recently read Frater U.D’s book Money Magic which you can download over on the Internet Archive page. Not sure if it’s posted legally or not, but you can decide by looking HERE. I don’t know a lot about Frater U.D other than he is German and his book on Sigil Magic is widely recommended as the book on the subject. Personally, I haven’t read his Sigil book, I got most of my Sigil Magic from Gordon over on Runesoup, but having read UD’s Money Magic book I might have a read of his other stuff. I really liked it. Easy read, well researched and gives decent arguments for his assertions without  getting too bogged down on details. Have a look, you’ll read through the whole thing in a few hours.

In the book Frater U.D. talks a lot about Mercury.

As I have previously mentioned I am currently at some what of a crossroads with regards the whole “what am I doing with my life?” question. I have spent the last ten years or so trying my best to make a decent living out of art and comics and although I definitely had periods when I was very successful at this, on balance and particularly the last few years hasn’t been good at all. It has come to the point that I ether do something different or radically change my way of working. Something has to change.

But honestly I don’t know what I want to do. This is odd for me, I have always know what I wanted to do and always had a direction. The relief with giving up the need for the validation, although great, has left a big whole in my life.

What next?

Well, that’s where Mercury comes in. I decided that I would try to call up Mercury and ask him what his advice was on the subject. Mercury is the God of Commerce, money, abundance, luck as well as a host of other things. His day is Wednesday, his colour is Orange (although his cape was Blue when he came to me) and likes the smell of Benzoin, sage or mint, depending on what source you listen to.


Evoking Mercury

Usually people evoke Mercury to get some quick or easy money but as Mercury is also a trickster God this sort of money usually comes at a cost, with a lesson or with a sting in the tail. This is not what I wanted. I have enough hang ups from my Catholic upbringing about money and abundance being bad and the whole “Careful what you wish for…”, I don’t need to be re-enforced in these beliefs, I want rid of them.
So instead of looking for easy euros, I evoked Mercury as an advisor.

The Ritual

  •  I cleaned my temple (office), I closed the blinds,
  •  I lit the incense.
  •  I drew Mercurial symbols on a large sheet of paper in Orange marker,
  •  I lit an orange candle that I had placed the Main Symbol of Mercury, which I had anointed with Benzoin.
  •  I laid out all the Magician Cards I had from various Tarot.
  •  I placed some coins on the ground.
  •  I placed some mint on the ground.

Then I got into that head space that you need for ritual and I sat down. I had written a Hymn To Mercury talking about his many great attributes and how well he was spoken of and what his is know for. Hardly award winning poetry but I hoped he liked it. It ended with a call out to the Universe for Mercury to come.

And he did.




Blue robe, winged hat, athletic frame. He seemed like a man who was in his late twenties.  He sat down crossed legged across from me.  So, I just started to talk to him. In plain words I just told him how I was feeling, what was going on and what I needed advise and help on. He sat and listened, about halfway through my talk he seemed to wave his hands at me and sprinkle something on me. It seemed like some sort of blessing, but I am not sure.

When I was done he said: “All that there is, is one drop in the ocean. Be more clever.”, he stood up but his hands on my head and said “It will all get better soon”.

And he left. I cleaned up the room and put everything away or back on the altar. I left the candle burning.

Now, the big question: Was this all in my head? Yes, no but mostly it doesn’t matter, not to me anyway. You should always act like your evocation has worked even if you don’t see it. It’s rude not to. You should always act like your magic has worked. If I thought there was “a secret” to it all, that would be it.

So, Let’s see what new knowledge and guidance comes my way.




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