Go grab a mirror, I am sure you have one somewhere in the house. If you can, or have the desire to make one, try to use a black mirror. While Black mirrors are not necessary, using one will make you feel extra magicky and anything that will help you get into “the zone” is a good thing.

Review – Lucifer: Princeps

I was a bit shocked when I finished Peter Grey’s Lucifer: Princeps as I really wasn’t expecting it to end so suddenly. It’s obvious that this book is meant to lead directly into the forthcoming Lucifer:Praxis and as a result this feels like a really extended prologue. It feels like half of a conversation.

There is very little Lucifer in this book. It is almost like he is a character on the fringe of the stage trying his best to get a word in but being talked over every time. Finally just when you think you will hear him talk, the book ends.