Every full moon we do a group Ritual with The Forty Servants over in the Facebook Group. If you would like to get involved in this one just head over HERE and join the group. You don’t have to own the physical deck to be a member or anything like that. As long as you have an interest in working with the Forty Servants that you are more than welcome.

The 12th, is the full moon here in Ireland, but time-zones will dictate that it could be a different day for you. Check google to make sure. We will give a 3 day period in which you can do your personal ritual so that would mean that you can do it the 11th, 12th and 13th of March – which is this Coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

This ritual will be a slightly different for people depending on where in the world they are. THE CARNAL is to be used for people in the Northern hemisphere were it is Spring. THE DEPLETED is to be used by those in the Southern Hemisphere where it is Autumn.
The Spring Ritual is for personal renewal and a return to feeling beautiful, sexy and attractive. The Autumn Ritual is for releasing all the stuff that holds you back so new growth can begin.

full moon ritualTHE RITUAL

  1. Join the Facebook Group if you aren’t already a member.
  2. Find a quiet place where you can perform the ritual without being disturbed. Switch off phones and anything that beeps for attention.
  3. Take several big breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel you lungs fill first from the bottom, then the middle and then the chest.
  4. Return to your normal breathing pattern.
  5. Banish or clear the area as you would normally. I like repeating “Hekas, Hekas Este Bebeloi” (“Afar, Afar, O ye Profane!”) while turning in an anti-clockwise direction pushing “stuff” for miles in every direction using the back of my right hand. I also burn incense.
  6. Get out THE ROAD OPENER card or use the sigil and ask that that any obstacles to the success of this working be removed. Ask for the way ahead to be clear and open. Light a tea light if you desire. Chanting can be good too. “Om gam ganapataye namaha” is  a personal favourite.
  7. Get out THE GATE KEEPER card or just use his sigil and ask that you be connected to the rest of the group performing this ritual, ask that THE GATE KEEPER open the door to the shared sacred space that is to be used.
  8. Connect to the rest of the group. This can be a visualisation, or just a feel or sense, that you are connected and working together with the rest of us during this 3 day period. Time probably doesn’t really exist, so once we set our intention to work together we will sync up even if we all do it at slightly different times. Even if you don’t buy that idea, then we are all working within a certain time frame so there is going to be energy overlap.
  9. Give them thanks and then return THE ROAD OPENER and THE GATE KEEPER to the rest of the deck, and lay them out the entire deck in front of you (if you have room) or just have them in front of you in the box (Facing north is good, but not always possible)
  10. Pick THE CARNAL or THE DEPLETED Ritual from below depending on your location. Perform the steps outlined and then return to this section.
  11. Add any personal petitions or desires you have and include any other servants you want to include at this point. You don’t have to do this, just of you want to.
  12. Light candles, incense or give any offerings you want in any style you choose, to the entire deck of Servants.
  13. Thank the Servants, thank the rest of the group, and either then return your deck to where you normal keep it or place it on the altar or somewhere you feel is auspicious.
  14. Close in whatever way you normally would – clapping the hands once loudly can be great, or just saying “And it is done” or you can just leave the whole working open until the candle burn out or whatever.
  15. Take photos or leave some feedback in the Facebook group so the rest of us can get to see/hear how it went for you.
group ritual

Springtime Awakening by Luc-Olivier Merson

SPRINGTIME VERSION – For Renewal and Feeling Sexy!

  • Have THE CARNAL card, altar card or image and sigil before you. Ask for the energy of THE CARNAL to come into your body – Feel as sexy, beautiful and attractive as you can possibly let yourself be.
  • Sit with this feeling for as long as possible. Then ask The Carnal to help renew and restore your feelings of self-worth, attractiveness and sexiness!
  • Ask for inspiration in the most relevant area of your life. Ask that when inspiration comes, it does so with all the power of the Spring and excitement of new growth  and renewal.
  • Ask for clarity and guidance on how to maintain this wonderful feelings of self love and appreciation.
  • Make an offering of candles, wine and tobacco or whatever you feel is most suitable and acceptable to The Carnal. Be creative 🙂
  • Spend time expressing gratitude to The Carnal for her excellent work.
group ritual

Dame Autumn Has A Mournful Face by John Atkinson Grimshaw

AUTUMN VERSION – For Letting Go and Clearing out

  • Have The DEPLETED card, altar card image and Sigil before you. Ask the Depleted to show you the parts of your life that you can let go off, that are holding you back, and that are no longer needed.
  • Feel the energy of THE DEPLETED as it enters your body and removes all the etheric junk, emotional baggage and all the dark stuff that you no longer need. Feel this in all your bodies – physical, mental, etheric, emotional, etc.
  • Ask for inspiration and guidance of how best to clear your life of unneeded stuff so that you can start to grow again from a betteer foundation. Ask that when inspiration comes, it does so with all the power of the Autumn and the great feeling of letting go and clearing out.
  • Ask for the clarity and guidance on how to proceed in your life goals.
  • Make an offering of candles, wine and tobacco or whatever you feel is suitable. A good offering here would be to clear out an old drawer or wardrobe or something like that. Be creative 🙂
  • Spend time expressing gratitude to The Depleted for his excellent work.