The Forty Servants Birthday Group Ritual 2017

Here’s a video that, in theory, should explain all that is happening, but I’ll also post a text summary below too.


The Forty Servants Halloween Ritual 2017

There are two parts:

1, I will be reopening the black box on Halloween night to revitalise “original” Forty Servants, giving offerings them and giving them thanks. At this time I will also be placing a sheet of paper with everyone’s requests inside the box. These request will stay with The Servants until the box is opened up again next year. So be sure you really want the thing you ask for as there is no takebacks. To have you request added simply leave it in THIS THREAD in The Forty Servants Facebook group or below in the comments to this post. If you don’t want to publish it publicly simply PM me on twitter.  I will be doing the ritual at about 8pm tomorrow night so you have about 24 hours or so to get your requests in. Here is a big countdown clock link.

2, The second bit of the group working is to “Feed” The Forty Servants. To do this I propose that we all doing something that would fall under the “Attention and Use” banner. But we should do this to not expect anything in return. Do a free reading for someone, post about them on Facebook, tell people about them or whatever – just do something to give them attention and use. If you need a focal point for you work we can use The Unifying Sigil.

Now, if you want to work with specific Servants on the night – such as The Witch or The Dead, then go ahead. All is good.





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15 Replies to “The Forty Servants Birthday Group Ritual 2017”

  1. Ever greater development of my psychic abilities, ever greater health and wealth. Ever more love and lust for my fiance Nicole.

  2. Happy birthday to the servants, and I humbly ask you to bring success to my husband’s trading job, and we can pay off all our debts.

  3. Congratulations Forty Servants. I humbly ask for health, happiness and the strength to defeat my problems with alcohol. Thank you Forty Servants. Thank you Tommie.

  4. OK! Firstly, wish the the Forty Servants a Happy Birthday and Happy Samhain my Witches New Year from me, mine and all. Secondly, ask them if they have any messages for me and relay them through sign & omen or directly through my Goddess Pantheon of Spirits, Fae and the animate constructs. Finally, We ask them for me, keith & Kin for another year of health, happiness, and fortunes within and without our home and hearth and harth and additionally abundance and financial security. And Bless Be All Times Three.

  5. i commented on the facebook post, but i will comment (cntrl c + cntrl v) in here too:
    My request: I wish the love of Vinicius Lopes entirely for me, if exists for real, make this love bigger and with no fears. I wish happiness and financial estability for me, my family and all that i love, from the bottom of my fucking heart. AND THANK YOU FOR THE SERVANTS, Tommie. Thank you forty servants!

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