PODCAST – Timecapsule Magick

I talk through how to do a personal TIMECAPSULE MAGICK in the style of what we did last year for The Forty Servants Birthday ritual. And then I answer a question about me destroying The Forty Servants.

I go into much more detail within the podcast but here’s some bullet points:

1, Come up with something you want to have achieve or have more of within the next year. make sure it is something that you won’t change your mind about.
2, Get a box and make it magick, holy and powerful
3, Add empowerment items/ symbols etc.
4, If you are doing a Forty Servants Ritual then add the Unifying Sigil 
5, Write down your intention and place it in the box.
6, Seal it.
7, Bury it or hide it, for a year
8, Profit?


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