LIFE: W.L.F.T.S Update 2

If you haven’t read the other posts then all
this will make more sense if you do. 🙂

Weight loss for the soul: Update 2

I had my second weigh-in today and I have lost a further  10 lbs (4.7Kg) with my total loss now being 30lbs (13.7kg) or over 2 stone! This is just awesome as it is only day 69!

THEM Hypersigil: Post Script

THEM Hypersigil: Post Script
OR the “Hold on a minute I have been too hasty” update.


Having recently worked on formatting THEM for release on Amazon, the hypersigil element of the book has been on my mind a lot recently. I actually re-read it last night and I have to say that it looks wonderful on my Kindle Fire. You can check it out HERE if you like, if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free.

LIFE: W.L.F.T.S Update 1

If you haven’t read the first post then all this will make more sense if you do. It’s HERE!

So, I had my first weight in today. I am aiming for a weigh in every 30 days but on the Saturday that falls after that. So this is in fact day 34. The great news is that I have lost 18 pound or just over a stone – which is fucking awesome. This is the most weight I have lost in years, so I am delighted.

Magick, Facebook and I

A recent conversation about social media with my wife led to some interesting insights about my friends list on Facebook. My wife was saying that she was sick of people on social media always going on about how great their lives are and all the wonderful things that are happening all the time to them. She said it isn’t a jealousy thing, she loves hearing good news from people, what annoys her is that she doesn’t believe it’s true.

LIFE: Weight loss for the Soul

Happy New Year everyone, I hope this year is your best one yet!

One of the things that I have been working on over the last number of years is becoming more healthy – particularly I want to lose weight and I am bringing a renewed sense of determination to it going into this new year.

Wilde At Heart!


I have spoken numerous times before about how Stuart Wilde was one of my early and lasting influences and yet I am always surprised by how few people actually recognise the name. He was a huge deal back in the day but now his name draws blank stares.

Admittedly this has probably a lot to do with the circles I am in these days – Chaos Magicians really don’t like getting too close to any sort of New Age ideas just in case their friends see them hanging around with the nice kids. That New Age stink is very hard to remove.