5 Ideas that will make your life Better!

5 Ideas that will make your life Better

Here are 5 Ideas that will make your life better – they certainly greatly improved mine! Try all, or just some of them, for a period and see if they have the same positive impact on you life as they have on mine.

Personal Development for Wizards

So, today we start a new section here on AIWW – Personal Development for Wizards! This was originally going to be part of the Magick Primer series but there is so much to it that it deserves it’s own new section.
This blog has come a bit more into focus for me recently. I have a pretty definite direction I want to take it in.

While it will always be predominately based around Magick and the occult, I want to bring the self-development and self-help elements more to the forefront as I really think there isn’t anywhere near enough of that in Occult circles.