LBRP Alternative – The Roman Pentagram Ritual

Why a LBRP Alternative?

One problem that people have when it comes to rituals like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, is that they really don’t feel comfortable with using God names and imagery from Judeo-Christian sources and are often looking for a good LBRP Alternative.  A lot of people who are drawn to the occult have come from Judeo-Christian backgrounds and feel the need and the want to remove these old associations from their new practice.

Entertain ideas.

In Chaos Magic we come across an idea called Belief Shifting. It basically means that you take something you don’t believe in and start to believe it. So, in an extreme example, if you are homosexual then you start to believe that homophobia is correct for a set period of time. Or if you are a Christian, you would start believing like a Satanist. Of course, these are very extreme examples used to hammer home a definition but in truth, Belief Shifting doesn’t need you to take a direct opposite stance to your current beliefs –  just a different one.

All the Small Things

I feel that I, and therefore I can assume that this is equally true of at least some of you, sometimes look too much at the big picture and forget that it is all made up from smaller, less fancy images. It’s wood for the tress territory really. As Magicians we tend to think more in grand, big picture, widescreen extravaganza terms more than the microscopical building blocks of our day to day lives. But As Above IS So Below and personally, I think it’s time for me to work on that bit, for a bit.

The Sinister Way

I have been reading and studying a lot about the so called “Left hand path” over the last while. The study has been both very rewarding and equally annoying. The main reason for annoyance is that so many LHP books start off great, full of great insights, practical ideas, theories to free your mind and then about half way through it starts talking about Vampires or something equally Teenage fantasy.

Now, I am all for using Vampires as symbols for something else or to represent parts of the mind or whatever. The problem is that that’s not how they are being used. They are being quite serious.

Mind Stuff


Well, but of course, I have tried to regularly meditate before. It’s been an on and off lark for most of my life but I have never been successful in keeping it up longer than a few weeks. All going to plan, this time I will stick to it. I think I will, I have a new trick – I lie down.

MAGICK DIARY: Evoking Mercury

I recently read Frater U.D’s book Money Magic which you can download over on the Internet Archive page. Not sure if it’s posted legally or not, but you can decide by looking HERE. I don’t know a lot about Frater U.D other than he is German and his book on Sigil Magic is widely recommended as the book on the subject. Personally, I haven’t read his Sigil book, I got most of my Sigil Magic from Gordon over on Runesoup, but having read UD’s Money Magic book I might have a read of his other stuff. I really liked it. Easy read, well researched and gives decent arguments for his assertions without  getting too bogged down on details. Have a look, you’ll read through the whole thing in a few hours.