VIDEO: [Unboxing] Billy Brujo’s The Book of Artifice

In this video I open the new masterpiece book by Billy Brujo, The Book of Artifice..  To get your own copy directly from him send him an email at: [email protected] or check out his video here.

VIDEO: Unboxing The Testament of Cyprian The Mage by Jake Stratton-Kent

Sorry about the crap sound on this one, but my Wife filmed it with her phone and it is what it is. I unbox the Testament of Cyprian The Mage by Jake Stratton-Kent, published by Scarlet Imprint.

Buy it here:

The Testament of Cyprian the Mage
is the third work in the Encyclopædia Goetica series by Jake Stratton-Kent, comprehending The Book of Saint Cyprian and his Magical Elements and an elucidation of The Testament of SolomonThe Testament of Cyprian the Mage is a two volume work of approximately 600 pages endowed with charts, tables, seals etc. and punctuated by specially commissioned pen and ink illustrations by Oliver Liebeskind.

VIDEO: Book of Saint Cyprian Unboxing

My Book of Saint Cyprian arrived from Nephilim Press! It’s gorgeous!

The Book of St Cyprian is 700 pages of text complete with images from original texts, copious amounts of notes and reference citations, and best of all information that few people have had access to unless they speak Portuguese fluently. The author was able to study the original texts in great detail and has taken everything he could from them and compiled what we believe to be the single greatest reference on the subject of the magick of ST. Cyprian.

You can get a copy HERE! 

VIDEO: Opening my Saint Cyprian / San Cipriano Package

Opening my Saint Cyprian / San Cipriano Package

In this “unboxing” video I show all the Saint Cyprian / San Cirpriano items I recently purchased on Ebay, including Oils, incense, and a Cross.

Quality is a bit shit for some reason. Sorry about that. But it seems I gave out the €10 discount code to EVERYONE so there’s that 🙂

Link to the shop I got it from:
The EBAY Store:



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