The first episode of the new Rune Soup podcast was released last night but I only got to listen to it this morning. The link to the YouTube version is below – Gordon says that he will posts the Itunes and other podcast catcher links as they become available, but for now the YT link is probably your best bet. But if you want the direct file download or grab a few more details then click HERE!

I enjoyed this podcast, but then again I always enjoy Gordon. Rune Soup is the only blog that I actually get excited when new posts come out. I also really enjoyed his Find The Others podcast series, so a new weekly podcast is very welcome news. If you are not aware of Gordon, then I would suggest checking out his post series on SIGILS – by most accounts it will answer all your sigil questions. When you are feeling in the mood for some hopeful-doom-porn try the Archonology series.

Gordon White

Gordon White

But back to the podcast. It’s a great chat about Lucifer with Gordon and Peter Grey, of Scarlett Imprint who wrote the recent Lucifer:Princeps. I have often said, I even said it here, that some people on the LHP just exchange Jesus for Lucifer (not all of course, and I’m probably not talking about you 🙂 ) which is odd, but fine… I guess – to each their own and all that. It just seems to me that it’s merely changing the clothes rather than the message. The two guys go into detail about this topic and I found myself nodding along. That said, I am sure I do equally weird and factious things.

The big take for me from both this conversation and the book Lucifer:Princeps is that as Grey suggests (very convincingly for my money) that there was no original Lucifer that got demonised by the Christian Church and therefore Lucifer is ONLY a Christian creation, same as Satan.I highly recommend you give this a listen if Luciferianism is on your path in any form. I would go into too much detail as it will just spoil the listening experience. Just go listen to it yourself.

I did a review of Lucifer:Princeps back when I did reviews which you can read here.
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