The CMG AMA with Alan Chapman Round up Post (Includes PODCAST)


Last Friday we had an AMA with the great Alan Chapman over on the Facebook Chaos Magic Group (CMG). It went really well and you can read the thread HERE. (Note you will have to be a member of CMG to see it).

In case you were wondering why I didn’t publicly announce this before the AMA, the simple answer is that these types of events have previously attracted a huge number of trolls, and spam and fake accounts, which put a tremendous amount of unneeded extra work on the Group’s Admins and I was eager to avoid that this time. We do AMAs quite regularly, so if you want in on them, I suggest you join the group in advance. Be aware that CMG is an over 18’s group and is not for the faint of heart or for people who suffer from Magusitis.

For the AMA Alan and myself did an introduction Podcast that should bring you up to speed on what Alan has been doing over the last while. It covers a number of Topics including: HGA, Meditation, Dogen, Wisdom Practice, Dialectic Contemplation, Esoteric Contemplation, and info on Alan’s new website and school – Fountainhead Wisdom School. I’m pretty sure most of you will find it interesting. Also a bonus of finally knowing what I sound like. 🙂

HOWEVER, due to technical gremlins the last ten to fifteen minutes or so of the audio is gone. To make up for that, Alan wrote up a short piece on the missing topics, both links are here:


In final Alan Chapman related news you can check out some of the artwork I did for his website HERE.

If AMAs are something that interest you, then you should head over to CMG as we have done previous ones with Gordon White, Jason Miller, Julian Vayne, Jason Louv, Ramsey Dukes, and Billy Brujo amongst others. You can get all the links HERE, but again you’ll have to be a member first before you can see the link correctly.

Until next time…