Oracle Deck Update

So, I have been busy over the last while with work and stuff and haven’t really had the chance to think about doing an actual blog post never mind actually doing one. I also don’t really have anything new to say, to be honest. But this is a good thing, it means things are on track and life is swimming along nicely.

Anyway, here’s some more artwork from the Oracle Deck. Like the last time, this isn’t final artwork and sigils and names are missing. I hope you like.

You can see the other artwork here!

Death - Tommie Kelly Mercury - Tommie Kelly The Road Opener - Tommie Kelly Christ - Tommie Kelly  The Healer - Tommie Kelly The Magician - Tommie Kelly

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Tommie Kelly is an Artist and Writer, but not always in that order. He has published a number of Comics, some of which are about music, though they're all mostly about magic in some way. Tommie believes creating art is the biggest magickal act there is and is firmly in agreement with Alan Moore that Art=Magic.

He also created the Forty Servants.