UPDATES: Grimoire, New Deck Box Art, and Schedule

OK, so here’s some updates. Despite the extreme lack of posts and content recently, rest assured that I have been very busy behind the scenes. Here’s hopefully all the info you need:

The Grimoire of The Forty Servants

The Grimoire of The Forty Servants is in the safe and expert hands of the proof reader, so we are now coming very close to that being finally released. This will be available on Amazon as a Print and Kindle version. I am still debating whether or not to release a PDF version. There are pros and cons.

When the book goes live, I will be retiring the English version of the old, outdated, badly written and full of mistakes Guidebook PDF. All the Servant descriptions on this site will be updated with the revised text, but won’t contain the Prayers, Mantras, keywords, Introductions or rituals – just the Servant descriptions.

I’m going to leave the translated versions until such time as I am able to do translations of the Grimoire. But with the warning that it is outdated material.

Here’s the nearly final artwork for the Grimoire book cover.

Book cover

New Deck Box Branding and Limited Edition

Basically what is going to happen is that when the Grimoire is released, the current standard version (black box with The Conductor on it and the cards have a black backing and simple Servant’s sigil ) will be retired and be replaced with a new standard version that follows the style and branding of the book.

The new standard version of the deck will cost $40, which seems the most fitting price – a dollar a Servant. The differences between the current deck and the new Standard deck is that the new Standard Deck will have a new card backing and box (see below) – the actual Servant images and sigils are exactly the same.

Also there are currently only 4 Limited Edition White Decks left (White box with the Conductor on it, cards have white backing with simple Servant’s sigil) and when they are gone to will be replaced with a new Limited Edition White GRIMOIRE deck, which will be the exact same as the new Standard Grimoire deck apart from it is white, has a Linen Texture Printing, and will have  “Special Edition” on the box. This is limited to ONLY 40 decks and will cost $80

Both new decks will be marked SECOND EDITION on Game Crafter which in essences makes the Original Conductor Box a limited edition too, which is nice.

I am aware that that is all a bit confusing but it should make more sense once it is all put into place. Here’s the almost final artwork for the new boxes and card backings.


New Content Update Schedule.

From next week The Newsletter is going to come out once a month now rather than once a week, as essentially it was just becoming a blog post that wasn’t available on the blog. The new newsletter will have still have new content but will be mostly based on collecting everything i have done within that month in one handy space. I will also be moving all the extra content from the previous Newsletter onto this site, so If you missed them you will now have much easier access to them.

The Blog posts, Youtube videos, and Podcast will now not have an actual scheduled day but I still have the intention of putting out at least one a week of each. The reason for this is that as soon as the Grimoire and updated decks go on sale I will be starting work on the next deck and I want to be as flexible with my time as possible to allow for all the inflexibility that creativity sometimes brings.

Which brings me nicely to…

New Patreon Page

I have been putting this together over the last few weeks and EDIT: THE PAGE IS LIVE! The basic idea of the Patreon website is that people can support creators by giving them money every month in return for exclusive rewards.

What I will be offering as rewards is mainly access to the Servitors of the new deck as I create and develop them. You will be first to see the artwork and first to be able to test drive the new magick system. Which I think will be really cool. You will also be the first people to be able to order Altar Cards and if there are enough numbers I will set up a secret Facebook group just for the new Deck and Servitors.

Other rewards include a Monthly Video Q+A that you can ask me anything about anything. I will also be offering my graphic novels, the Forty Servants digital deck and a few other possible things depending on a few decision that I have to make. I may offer the PDF of The Grimoire of The Forty Servants as a reward, and this would be the only place to get it, but this will come down to whether I decide to go with the PDF version or not. But right this minute, it seems likely. Last night it didn’t, so I’ll let you know when the pendulum stops swinging for me.

The money from patreon will go towards the costs of some upgrades I want to do. The main one is that I want to get better hosting for the main site here – my current plan really just isn’t up to the task anymore. I am constantly going over my bandwitdh which means that the site is very slow and often unavailable, and that’s no fun for anyone.

Also, I will run out of the free Soundlcoud space with the next podcast so I’ll also need to start paying for that.

In bigger goals, I want to upgrade my video equipment (new Camera, Lights, Mic for outdoor use etc.)  There are other things too but let’s not get carried away just yet. 🙂

You will be able to join the Patreon for as little as $1 a month too. So it’s as fair to all budgets as I can make it.

To Wrap up…

So yea, lots going on and I have a busy future ahead of me, but that’s a good thing.

As always, I really appreciate all your support, help and interest in what I do. It’s very cool and I hope that I can continue to do stuff that you all find interesting. The next year should see some very exciting and awesome developments on the blog and all the places I frequent, so I hope you all hang round to be part of that.

And again, sorry for the lack of content updates recently but I’ll be getting back on track really soon. Keep an eye out for a couple of Podcast appearances I recently recorded.

Until next time…


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