NEWS: The Grimoire of The Forty Servants

So, after many, many days and weeks I am very please to announce that The Grimoire of The Forty Servants is more or less published. A HUGE thank you to everyone for their help, comments and support during the writing process – you are all wonderful, wonderful people!

Right now you can buy the print version over on Amazon and CreateSpace, but it will be popping up on all the other Amazons over the weekend. In the meantime you can get it on Kindle! I’ll update this post when the new links come in. if you are looking for a PDF it is available by joining the LEVEL FOUR Tier on my Patreon!

A quick word on pricing. While I am very open to buying expensive books, I am aware that not everyone feels the same, and it won’t escape your notice that The Grimoire is not a cheap book. Many factors play into this, but the main reason is that I wanted to have the images in colour and that’s really expensive to print. I felt that if I am going to do a proper print version then I should do a proper version or what’s the point? So, the price isn’t going to please everyone, I know that. But that’s the cost of doing business -In fact the list price isn’t even high enough to cover Amazon’s Extended Distribution which would get it into book shops and other online retailers – to do that would have meant raising the price a further $10 or so. To try to offset a bit this I have made it so that the Kindle version will be coming free with the print version on Amazon. Or at least it should, it seems to have worked for some people at least. I’m not sure if this works with buying it on CreateSpace but I am going to assume it’s not.


Book cover


What is The Grimoire of The Forty Servants?

The Grimoire Of The Forty Servants is a full colour 218 page book with  everything you need to start working with this amazing magick and divination system. It contains all the information you will need for powerful rituals, magick workings and oracle casting. This book contains all 40 Servant Full Colour images in high-resolution, along with tables and charts. It also contains their Sigils, Prayers, Mantras and detailed descriptions on their use which aren’t going to be available anywhere else. It is a total rewrite and overhaul of the now defunct PDF (which I am going to try to keep out of further circulation as it just choke full of errors). If you just wanted to use it as a Magick system you will be able to do so with this book alone, for Divination you will pretty much need the Deck. And while I’m here I should mention the Altar Cards are really great too 🙂

Over the next week or so I will be updated the Servant description here on the site with the new descriptions from the book, it won;t have the Mantras, Prayers, Keywords and such that will just be in the book, but it will have the full descriptions.


New Deck Packaging and Design

To celebrate the launch there are now new versions of the deck available to buy. The new “Standard Deck” now has package artwork that conforms to the look of the book, and the full Unifying Sigil is on the reverse of the cards. The front of the cards are exactly as they always were. The Second Deck is a Limited Edition version, which has a white box and backing, but all the actual Servant artwork is the same. This is Limited to 40 copies.


THE FORTY SERVANTS Deck can be purchased from The Game Crafter:

forty Servants box

The FORTY SERVANTS Standard Edition

40 High Quality, UV Coated, Tarot Sized Full Colour Cards sealed in a box


The limited Edition is the same as the standard edition other than the box and back of Cards have a White Design rather than the standard black design.  40 High Quality, UV Coated and Linen Texture, Tarot Sized Full Colour Cards sealed in a box. This edition will strictly limited to 40 decks.

For all other info on The Forty Servants please click HERE!




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