NEWS: GDPR and a New Newsletter

You may have heard by now about some upcoming changes to data law being made by the EU, if not you can read about it here:

In line with these new laws I’ve updated the Terms & Conditions over on Adventures in Woo Woo, along with adding a new PRIVACY POLICY and PRIVACY TOOLS.

The next thing I have to do is make the Newsletter GDPR compliant, and to do that I would have to send you two email and get you to resign up for the mailing list if you agreed to the new laws. I am very confident that I would lose most of my list in that process, and I don’t blame anyone, too many emails is an annoyance and any excuse to get less is welcome.

So instead I am just going to delete the currents list and set up a brand new Newsletter, starting the whole thing again using a new service that comes direct from the blog hosting itself. It’s GDPR compliant and any data (basically your name and email) I have on you would all be in one place, which you can access and delete at any time using the PRIVACY TOOLS.

If you want in on the new newsletter then just go here and sign up:

If not, then thanks to those who stuck about for as long as you did, and I hope life treats you the very best in the future!


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Tommie Kelly is an Artist and Writer, but not always in that order. He has published a number of Comics, some of which are about music, though they're all mostly about magic in some way. Tommie believes creating art is the biggest magickal act there is and is firmly in agreement with Alan Moore that Art=Magic.

He also created the Forty Servants.