Star Ruby: Week 3: Spud

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Star Ruby Challenge thread (is that the correct word?) on The AIWW Discord, although I’ve not been posting in it, just looking, I believe that’s called ‘lurking’. Uhh, look at me, learning internet jargon. Anyway, it’s been interesting to see that most people are experiencing more or less the same thing with the Star Ruby; takes a while to get right/get used to and then it all falls into place and people’s meditations or invoking improves. Mad isn’t it?

Day 14: Kabbalah Ruby?

Right, the Phallus thing. Sorry lads, I just can’t take it seriously, it’s just a dick and dicks should be made fun of. Always. I just can’t be taking something seriously that honours the dick. What’s that film where Tom Cruise shouts ‘you must respect the cock?’ Magnolia I think, whatever, doesn’t matter.

Tommie was onto me during the last week about my changing the god/guardian names to Celtic gods and asked a good question; ‘what are you banishing?’ And that’s fair enough as the Star Ruby begins with literally saying ‘Go away demons’. So, it’s only fair that I do that, so I will.

I think doing a proper Qabalistic Cross is more fitting for me here. Getting in touch with the universe above and bringing some of it down on me and connecting with it all. And it’s easy as well. Image a white ball of universal power over your noggin, reach into it and bring it down to your forehead, say Ateh. Now imagine it continues down through your body and goes out from your feet, touch your heart and say Malkuth. Arms out, left and right and image another stream of light going through you, touch your right shoulder and say Ve Geburah, touch your left shoulder and say Ve Geburah, then put your hands together over your chest and say El Olahm. Bob’s your uncle, that’s it, you can even add an Amen if ya want. Easy and you don’t have to touch your smelly willy.

I mentioned the Celtic gods last week, you can read it here. So that’s it, a banishing, the QC and the Celtic Guardians and then the final part. Simples. I did some more of Peter Kingsley Incubation meditation with a bit more success, it’s not easy trying to pay attention to all of your senses without engaging with them, for example, seeing just to see, hearing just to hear, feeling your fingers or you ass on the chair, smelling the room, tasting etc. But it’s very interesting in that your present, you’re really there experiencing everything that you can right down to the nanosecond. It lead to a head-swinning feeling of ‘everything-is-connected/reliant-on-everything-and-I’m-experiencing-it. Of course that leads to questions of ‘what is I’? That’s something to take on down the line I feel.

Day 15: Am I Grounded?

Me and my boy Hamish

It’s been really busy helping the Father-in-law (FIL) on the renovation and on the rancho and I’ve been squeezing in the Star Ruby, if I can even call what I’m doing that, but I’m making sure to find time. I’d like to do more evoking and tarot reading but honestly the meditations are going so well and I’m feeling so, I dunno, grounded, well, present, that I’m enjoying it so much that I don’t really have many questions for a tarot reading…OK, I know I have to address the ‘speaking with the dead’ thing and I’m not putting it on on purpose, although subconsciously I might, damn you Uberboyo and your brilliant Carl Jung videos, but I’m enjoying the meditations and the quietness and stillness I experience that I just want to keep doing them.

Day 16: Saturday’s Alright for Fighting

SR is a doddle now, it’s second nature. I guess I have to wonder would meditation be as good without this banishing or centering first? The region I’m in in Poland went into the Red Zone on today…can you hear Archer doing ‘Danger Zonnnnneeee!” I can, anyway, yea, second wave is here and people are a bit freaked out. But tbh, that’s good, when it hit the fan last time Poland did well, let’s hope for the same again.

I did a Magia Beloved Practice today and I like the idea of surrendering to something higher. My HGA told me a while ago to stop forcing progress on The Great Work and to instead surrender control and let things happen. Even working with the FIL I just do what I’m asked and help as much as I can, not forcing anything, making suggestions of course, but letting someone else be the leader. Which isn’t like me at all, I’ve always seen myself as a leader and not because I’m arrogant or a control freak, it’s usually because nobody else will step up and take responsibility so I just do it. Even with the kids I give them a choice or a few things and let them chose how or what we’ll play. It’s very interesting to let others decide how your time with them will be spent. Try it, you’ll be surprised by what happens.

Day 17: Sunday

Work early and we went to the ranch, tried, and failed, to fix the tractor and then mucked out the horses. Came back for Sunday dinner and an hour later me and the FIL are snoring in front of the tele. It’s been a productive week of hard graft but worthwhile graft. Today’s a day of rest, no practice.

Day 18: Now is now is now is now

I don’t ever want to stop this SR at all. Last week I was doing them before work but now it’s flipped to after because we’re going earlier the last few days to the horses and then the house but I don’t mind. I honestly feel so damned chilled out that it’s incredible. We’re deep in the Red Zone and there’s a fuckin global pandemic coming back with a bang and I’m enjoying every single second of being here. It’s mad. The old me would be freaking the fuck out.

I came home and did the SR and then more incubation, this time I had this mad feeling that all of the things I’m experiencing at the same time are things that are meant for me and me alone to experience right here and right now but at the same time there isn’t really a me, there’s just what’s happening. Like, there is only now, it’s all we’ve got and by experiencing the here and now that’s such a big, massive thing to experience but it’s also so fucking tiny it can’t be put into word. We’re dust on the wind and we’re doing our own little ballet in the breeze. It’s gorgeous. And fuck the doom porners.

Day 19: Impending Doom incoming

Almost the same as above, returned home from work and did the ritual and did more meditation. I think a big thing over the last week and a bit of being here is that I’ve surrendered control, something I spoke about a lot on the latest podcast and what a revelation it has been. To be like water, just flow and let things happen as they’re supposed to. Stop strangling life and let go of the reigns, the horse knows exactly what to do after all. Get comfortable and enjoy your surroundings.

My FIL has an obsession with the news and the worst kind of news, the state broadcaster news, it’s like Fox News but without all the fakeass teeth that American news hosts have. It’s also rather annoying to watch because it’s basically a host and four to six guests on skype and after five minutes it just descends into shout matches. The doomer porners are on their high horse and predicting the end of days. Just like last year and 10 years ago and 50 years ago and 100 years ago and 1000 years ago. Relax lads, it’s grand. It’s not the event, it’s how you react.

Days 20-21: DI(WH)YYYYYYY

No time as we were hustling to get as much work done on the house as we could. And, of course, the horses got out. Again. And then again after that a few hours later. Such is life, you can get annoyed about it or you can roll up your sleeves and fix the goddamn fence. Like above, so below, it’s not the event, it’s how you react.



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