Turbine Syndrome Update!

Finally getting started on the actual artwork for TS Chapter 004. The reference stuff for this chapter took a while but also I have to admit I just wasn’t in the headspace at all to get into it.

I knew that this period would happen and it happened at exactly the stage predicted -after Issue Two was released. This is the point where I have bailed on a couple of comics before – THE GREAT WORK being the most recent example.

The reason is the fact that so much effort is put into writing and drawing comics for ultimately very little result – Only 3 people bought Issue Two of Turbine Syndrome and 10 downloaded it for free. Again, I knew this was coming – I knew that there would never be as much interest as you’d desire when I started it. I just wanted to make a new comic to make comics and have fun. To reclaim myself as a comic creator, in the same way I reclaimed being a musician.

But while I am certainly making TS for my own benefit and enjoyment, I have to admit that it does make you feel a bit defeated all the same. Maybe defeated is too strong a word – demotivated might be closer.

Anyway, I am going to let a bit of pressure go on getting future Turbine Syndrome chapters done and released. Do it all in my own pace so that I can enjoy it all.

So the new chapter release schedule is: When its done its done 🙂

EDIT – Just want to add I’m not complaining or wanting people to feel sorry for me or anything. I’m a big boy and all that and knew rightly well what I was getting into when I started doing this 🙂 This is really about taking some of the pressure off myself.

Be well!