Forty Servants Fifth Anniversary Deck Designs are Live!

What a day! I was intending to stagger the release of the new designs and updated The Forty Servants decks over the next few weeks but the universe had something else in store for me today. So instead, the updates all go live today including the new Limited Edition Fifth Anniversary Deck!!!

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DELUXE DECK (With The Four Devils Old & New artwork):


This is a very special **LIMITED EDITION** of **The Forty Servants** released for the fifth anniversary, which includes all the Four Devils art in the standard tarot size for the first time, along with 7 extra cards of various Servants related artwork and the Unifying Sigil card.

I have to admit I find this sort of stuff very stressful as I always feel like I have made some huge mistake and the world is going to blow up or something (In fairness, I have made some stupid mistakes before along these sort of lines so the stress is probably justified). I have checked and double-checked all the files and I am pretty sure everything is correct and accounted for! I hope you enjoy the new design as much as I do! Now, to finish the Second Edition of the Grimoire!