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And now… This year, same as previous years, the first part of the ritual is only for the good people of Patreon. They get the chance to place their petition for the coming year in the big black box that house the Forty Servants. But if you are not a Patron, don’t run around screaming “Unfair!, Unfair!” ” THE SECOND PART IS OPEN TO EVERYONE! As is the DIY Time-Capsule Ritual! There are a number of reasons for this which I mention in this video I did around this time a couple of years ago.

Seriously watch the video as it explains everything written below:

Also, On the podcast from three years ago I talk about how to do your own Forty Servants Time Capsule Magick, so make sure to have a listen for more info on that here:

31st October 2021

***FIRST PART OF THE RITUAL. (Patrons only)*** I will be reopening the black box on Halloween Night to revitalize “original” Forty Servants, giving offerings to them and giving them thanks. At this time I will also be placing a sheet of paper with Patron’s requests inside the box. These requests will stay with The Servants until the box is opened up again next year. So be sure you really want the thing you ask for as there are no takebacks. How to send in your petitions is detailed over on this Patreon post:

***SECOND PART OF THE RITUAL. (For Everyone!)*** So, we’re all going to “Feed” The Forty Servants as a thank you on their birthday. To do this I propose that we all do something that would fall under the “Attention and Use” banner – basically do something nice for someone else using the Servants, or something nice for the Servants themselves. But we should do this to not expect anything in return. Do a free reading for someone, post about them on Facebook, tell people about them or whatever – just do something to give them attention and use. If you need a focal point for your work we can use The Unifying Sigil. Also, if you want to work with specific Servants on the night – such as The Witch or The Dead, then I reckon this is a great idea!


If you want to help me out and allow me to continue doing what I do or to level up, then there are a number of ways you can do so. Obviously, there is no obligation or pressure to do so, but if you do I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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