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The Grimoire of The Forty Servants is the complete guidebook for The Forty Servants. It contains all the Servant descriptions including Mantras, Prayers and Keywords not available anywhere else. Also has full descriptions of each Servant including how to use the Servants for Divination and Magick, along with giving a host of rituals for you to perform. The book comes in full colour and contains forty High-resolution images of each of The Servants. The Appendix comes with tables, notes and correspondences. Everything you need to begin working with this powerful system.

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Firstly, The Forty Servants are forty individual archetypes, ideas or representations of energies that can be used for divination purposes. For example, you can shuffle the deck, pick out cards, and then lay them out in a predetermined spread. By analysing the card’s position in the spread and then looking up what the card represents you can gain some insight into the question asked. Secondly, The Forty Servants can also be used in your day to day life to increase or decrease the amount of energy or influence that each Servant represents. This is known in some circles as magick, but it goes by many names. You can use The Forty servants exclusively for divination, or exclusively for magick, or you can use them for both, it’s totally up to your own needs and preferences. If divination doesn’t interest you then the magick side will still serve you just as well, and the opposite also holds true. But the above descriptions are only of their uses and not of their nature. So, what exactly are The Forty Servants? At the outset, I had a very definite answer to what the exact nature of the Servants was: “The Forty Servants are servitors”; but these days I am not so sure. These days it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they are, and the more I try, the more I get the feeling that I am somehow missing the point, and in many ways I am only limiting them by trying. But defining a servitor is as good a place as any to begin, so let’s start there. A servitor is commonly described as a thought-form. Personally though, I prefer to see a servitor as an idea. Servitors are created in order to fulfil a particular purpose or perform a certain function. So in our case, each of The Forty Servants has been given a particular role, or power, so that they can be used to aid or guide you. Some Servants represent protection, or increased good luck, while others are imparted wisdom and knowledge, some are for personal development and many others things. But what does a servitor or thought-form look like in day to day life? Are servitors alive? Are they spirits? Do they have a mind and will of their own? Can you see them? Can other people see them? Well, sadly, there is no definitive answer to this. Everyone will have a different experience and view on servitors. I personally know people who have physically seen their own, or other people’s, servitors, I know people who can sense a presence or even hear a voice. I also know people who have never seen, felt or heard their servitors but use them anyway as they seem to be quite effective. And others still, never seem to get servitors to work no matter what they try. I have yet to see any of The Forty Servants in the mundane world, though some people have told me that they have.

The forty servants

The Forty Servants were created by me during the period of late spring to autumn of 2016. I did all the artwork, wrote the original guidebook (poorly I will add), designed the box, formatted the art for the printers, made the websites and groups, and basically did all the things that a creator of a piece of art would do. I did all the mundane things but, I also wanted them to be functional servitors that other people could use, and this required an extra step in the process of creation. This is where the woo woo comes in. The Servants were finally complete and birthed on Halloween Night, 2016 in a special ceremony that involved, among other things, me blowing life into each of them, anointing them with ritual oil and giving them representations of each of the classical elements. It was at this point that they became more than just interesting lifeless pictures. I then let them loose out into the world, thinking that maybe a handful of people would find them interesting or useful. After all, The Forty Servants were mainly created because I wanted to use and have them as part of my magick work. I really didn’t expect many other people to care that much about them. But then a curious thing happened- lots and lots of people became interested in them, and it quickly became obvious that The Forty Servants were on a journey of their own- a journey that I could never have imagined! I am extremely proud of my work on the Servants; it flowed out of me almost as if I was just the channel rather than the creator – but don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say this is channeled work. However, at times, it really did feel like other hands were at work alongside me or that there was a bigger picture to the story that I wasn’t fully privy to. It reminded me of when I was writing THEM and THE HOLY NUMBERS – there was a point where the characters took over and I became as much a witness to the story unfolding, as the readers were. The difference is that the reader didn’t have to get up every morning and actually do the writing and drawing, and I most certainly did. When I was working on The Servant’s images I felt somewhat like a sculptor who had to chip away at the stone until the statue revealed itself, rather than me forcing my own ideas on the stone. From the start there was a feeling that The Servants had a life of their own, and they also seemed to have a purpose: one which is probably better known to them than I. I guess in hindsight it seems appropriate to say that The Servants found me, rather than I found them. If you are a creator of any kind then I am quite sure you understand exactly what I mean when I say this. One of the main reasons I wanted to create the Servants was to give myself, and other like-minded people, simple and easy access to certain helpful archetypal models and energies. Therefore, the Servants can be viewed as representations of the original energies and ideas that have existed since time began. The word archetype comes from the Greek words arkhe meaning “original” or “first principle” and typos which means “model” or “copy”. So, The Forty Servants represent these original ideas and therefore can throw some light on our questions or queries in a divination. However, they also have the added element of being available and useful in day to day life. Some of the Servants have very obvious influences from known spirits: Ganesha in the Road Opener, Papa Legba in the Gate Keeper, or Saint Cyprian in The Saint; but they are not these actual spirits. They are similar in nature, and borrow energy and attributes from the spirits but they are not the actual spirit. Instead they are a way to easily, and simply access the same power and energy that this spirit represents without the need to involve yourself in the system the spirit originates from. Traditionally, servitors need to be “fed” to continue to exist. The Forty Servants were created to live and feed on attention and their use by people. The more attention they receive the more powerful they will become for everyone who uses them. However, it is important to note that what someone does with the Servants has no impact on anyone else, save for the fact that it adds to the overall power level of the Servants. Someone doing something “bad” or “good” with the Servants does not add to anyone else’s karma or similar (that is, of course, if karma is even an idea you subscribe to). Being fed by attention means that The Forty Servants are totally reliant on humans to exist. If people stop using them or thinking about them they will cease to be.

The forty servants

An egregore is similar to a servitor but it has been created by a group of people, and over time it becomes an autonomous entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of the group. While creation by a group is the usual method, if enough people put energy or belief into someone else’s servitor, it would likely become an egregore given enough time and group usage. While The Forty Servants could be seen to fall under the category of egregores, I am hesitant to use the word or give them this label. The problem comes with the word “autonomous”. The thought of the Servants running wild and free scares people and puts some off using the system altogether. To this I say: first and foremost the Servants work for you. Their function is to serve you and help you get the things you want. The whole point of the Forty Servants was to give people easy, safe and direct access to the energy and power of these archetypes. This is the whole beauty of the Servants. They are here to help and serve you. This is what they were created for. So, if you ever find that they appear to be running rampant and causing havoc it is because you have let them or want them to on some level. At some point, you gave them license to run free. While there are internet reports of servitors getting out of control, most of these reports that I have come across are from people whose lives already seem a bit out of control or where drama already seems to follow them around. I personally have never had a servitor get out of hand or anything even close to that. The best way to think of the relationship is that you are the employer, and the Servants the employee. You are the boss and the Servants work for you. You can be a good and kind boss if you want, but you must be the boss. The Servants were created to serve, and they are very happy to do so. Aim to stay in control at all times and keep the proper balance of this relationship in place. Now finally, there is also a case to be made that suggests that The Forty Servants are just ideas in the user’s head and nothing more. It’s not magick, it’s not woo woo, it’s all psychological. It’s all just in our heads. But this doesn’t mean that The Forty Servants are useless or have no power. In this theory The Forty Servants allows people to tap into their own minds and allow themselves to feel what it would be like to be each of the archetypal energies. For instance, we can invoke The Father Servant and start to imagine what he must feel like, or be like. How does he think? What would his inner dialogue sound like? How would he approach a problem? We could then go out into the world from this unique perspective. The same goes for any of The Servants – for example The Healer has the ability to engage the placebo response. If we approach the world from a certain view point the world tends to mirror that back to us. From this physiological view point alone, using The Forty Servants can be extremely powerful and beneficial in many ways. In the end, I think it is best to leave the answer of “What Exactly Are The Forty Servants?” to each user to decide for themselves. Are they spirits? Are they servitors? Are they egregores? Are they archetypes? Is it all just in our heads? Are they a mix of all of these things? And perhaps it doesn’t matter what they are, only that they work.

How to do Magick with The Servants

The simplest way to perform Magick with the Servants is to choose which servant you want to work with. Pick a Servant that you feel will best match your desire. Then in front of it’s Image or Sigil light a tea light candle and tell them what it is you desire. Tell them you will light another candle for them when your desire has been fulfilled. For more information on the Magick uses of The Servants see The Grimoire of The Forty Servants. The forty servants

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