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Hello, Good People of the Internet!

It's that time of year again in Ireland when it's hot but also cold, rainy but also dry, and sunny yet somehow also overcast. It's a funny auld country.

Lots going on at the moment for me, and I had intended to write a more extended piece for this newsletter about how Magic is secretly Redemption, but I just ran out of time in the end.

Besides, there is more than enough news to fill the newsletter that I suspect I would be asking to take up too much of your precious time if I also included a long rambly blog piece. So, I'll do that as a separate newsletter, possibly next week, but more likely the week after.


I'm quite tired as I write this, I must admit, as I spent the morning finishing up the written work for my current "Degree" at the Arcane School. For those that don't know, the Arcane School is a school of the Ageless Wisdom set up by Neo-theosophist Alice A. Bailey in 1923. I joined the school at the start of last year but left it towards the end as my life had fallen apart somewhat, and I just didn't have the mental fortitude to deal with the workload or the ideas themselves.

Last month I rejoined, and I have been devouring the coursework with great gusto. The meditation for this Degree is much better suited for me than the previous versions - or maybe I am just in a more amiable mood these days. In fairness, its very likely its the latter.

I talk more about Alice A. Bailey and the Arcane School in a video linked below for those who want to delve deeper.

For people who have been hanging around for a few years, you may remember how much I banged on about the problems with my eyes a few years ago. I ended up with a number of different glasses to try to fix the issue (the issue is that I am old) and managed to settle on pair that more or less worked. Text on screens and books never really became fully clear, however. I just assumed that was the best it could be.

Yesterday I got new stronger reading glasses, as I recently had an eye test. These are just for reading books and close-up work, though -I still have to use my old glasses for working on the computer.  The focal length is different. 

Which means I have to swap glasses all the time now. Well, what it actually means is that after a few days, I'll probably stop doing that and settle on using the old pair as I spend most of my day in front of a computer and not reading books.

Besides, being honest, the new glasses aren't much of an improvement anyway. The text is magnified for sure, but it's not making the words on the page any clearer -no matter what glasses I use, text still has a halo and glows a bit - particularly on a bright background. 

Also didn't go with the anti-glare on the new glasses this time as its way too easy to scratch the lens with that coating, and I'm sick of seeing the scratches in front of my eyes all the time - but now I can see a reflection of my eyes and face in the new glasses. You just can't win.

Getting old sucks. I'm not a fan.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I am back doing regular vlogging and podcasting. I have done a number of new vlogs since we last spoke, and I hope some of them, if not all, will interest you. Click on the thumbnail images to be magically brought to youtube. 

A lot of these came from questions I received after I asked for questions for the monthly Q&A vlogs. Some of them felt like I could do them more justice by doing a dedicated talk on them rather than trying to squeeze them in with a load of other questions. And that's what I did.

The first one is some ideas I have around improving your manifesting. I have four points on this, and these are things that I have found personally helpful in my own life. Of course, magic outcomes are not guaranteed, but we can do a few things to tip the odds in our favour.

Next we have the full Questions & Answers Vlog itself, in which I answer the following questions:

  • What was the inspiration for the 40 servants?
  • Any chance of you doing another book club?
  • Do you have any observations concerning LHP & RHP?
  • What are your thoughts on transgressive rituals with reprograming purposes?
  • You have to choose five music albums to listen to for the rest of your life. Which records are you choosing and why?

Next is my answer to the question: What do you do after you have gone through Chapel Perilous? I go into what that actually is, how the term became popular and what my thoughts on it are:

Next, as mentioned above, I talk about Alice Bailey & The Arcane School, a form of Neo-Theosophy I am currently studying and applying in my life...

And finally, here are my current thoughts on what the best beginner books for Chaos Magick are...

Hopefully there is something amongst all those that are of interest to you. If you want to ask me a question for a future vlog then join Patreon or Discord!

Forty Servants Dice

In a vlog a while back, I mentioned I was putting together some Forty Servants dice - I even had a prototype made, but I wasn't entirely sure how I would make the selections for what servants went on what dice.

My original intention was to have 7 Dice, with two dice having a blank side each. 6X7=42 but only 40 Servants. I was mostly OK with that idea as it is similar to having a "blank" rune in a rune set. But it didn't entirely satisfy me.

I wanted the dice layout to be more than just random or alphabetical. I wanted the dice to have a reason for its construction.

And the solution is in the Forty Servants Elemental correspondences. Have a gander:

Forty Servantgs Elemental Attributes
I plan to add another dice to the original 7 and, you guessed it, have 8 dice. Each dice will have 5 sides with a sigil and one blank side. And each dice will have one Servant from each element.

This new layout means that when you throw all the dice, you will get an extra level of divination to read -you will start noticing if there is an abundance or a lack of a particular element. Are the elements balanced in the reading? etc. etc. etc.

The downside is that adding another dice adds to the cost, and it was already going to be costly to produce. But we'll see how it goes. I will aim to make it as cool as possible so that people will feel their money has been well spent. The dice will come in a Tin box for starters. Maybe I'll add some exclusive artwork or something.

Leave it with me; I'll keep my thinking cap on.


Also on YouTube, Spotify and all the usual podcast places is the latest Monthly Forty Servants Divinations I did at the beginning of for Patrons. These are always fun. I used the new Travel Tin Box version of the deck and it seems to have it's own falvour - very energetic!

Clicking the video thumbnail here will open the portal to Youtube:

In other Forty Servants related news, earlier in the week I made a video which shows the differences between the various different Forty Servants deck. You can see it by clicking this image with two Tommies...


What? An actual new episode of TaSTA? Is the world ending? Hold on - AND there's a video version too? You know the drill by now... click the image below to watch it on YouTube, or use one of the links even belower to listen to an audio only version.

TaTSA... World Service [Ep. 115]
In this episode Tommie & Spud talk about the TV show "Severance" and how watching it with a spiritual eye is quite revealing; Old Blue Eyes Jordan Thornton gets a mention; Alice Bailey, World Service, and Harmlessness get an entire section for themselves, and Spud recommends some books and offers his new counselling services. We start and end the episode with Spud's history of doing bad things and how he plans to reform.

NOTE: There were weird audio sync issues, so we ended up using the Zoom audio, which means that laughs get cut off. So please bear in mind that we both found each other hilarious and laughed at all of each other's jokes.

Also, in TaSTA news, the move to the new dedicated TaSTA YouTube Channel is finally complete. I have spent a week and a bit of copypasting and uploading, and now all episodes are available once again on YouTube.

You can find the new channel here:


And if after all that you still want to have see some more Tommie Kelly related content then you can click this thumbnail and see the new YouTube intro video I made for future volgs.

And that's it for another AIWW Newsletter, I hope you got something from it. If you'd like to chat about you can hit reply to this email or come find me over on Discord.

If you would like to support me in doing all the things I do, then feel free to join the PATREON, Buy me a BOOK, Buy a PRINT, Buy a FORTY SERVANTS deck, Get me something from my Amazon Wish List, or just send me some money via PAYPAL.

So, until next time,


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