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Hello, Good People of the Internet!

Lots in this newsletter so I'll keep my introduction brief.

First off, I'm on TikTok for some reason now. Three years too late, probably, but I am trying to up my social media game a bit as I feel I have let all that waned. Find me here:

I have also rejoined CMG after a six-year or so absence. It's been really fun to be back, I must admit. It has really spurred me on in my continuing mission to get back to my magick roots over whatever it is that I have been over the last few years.

And I have been doing loads of magic recently - actual fucking magick - and this is reflected in all the magical ideas that follow below.

Also, Master Rajan Kapoor is back with some more words of wisdom. He was very delighted with the response he got from his last piece in the previous newsletter.



I have a new song and accompanying music video just released. It's called "Say A Little Prayer For Me" and is from the forthcoming album "Haunted", which will be out very soon.

Click the image above to watch it on Youtube. Or watch it on Facebook or Instagram.

Currently only available on Spotify for streaming but as the other services become live they'll be added to this:

You can also buy it and stream it on Bandcamp:

I hope you enjoy it!


One of the benefits of the recent kerfuffle over on Reddit, during which a large number of subreddits went dark, is that people started to explore and engage with some of the less popular, more niche subreddits. One subreddit I stumbled upon was r/Subliminal, and I've been intrigued ever since.

Now, I am no stranger to subliminal audio. I first came across it in my teenage years. Initially, it was through Stuart Wilde, who had a wide array of subliminal tapes with titles ranging from "Joy" to "Weightloss" to "More Love." I listened to the "Joy" audio frequently as a teenager and repurchased it half a decade ago, listening to it regularly on and off since.

Later, when I was 17, I completed the entire 30-Day Personal Power Program by Tony Robbins, which involved listening to his subliminal tapes every weekend. However, I found these tapes less appealing, as the music was essentially elevator music, unlike the Stuart Wilde audios, which featured real flutes, guitars, and other instruments.

Whether it's due to the subliminal messages within the music or the pleasant, serene music itself, I must admit that "Joy" always relaxes me and brings a sense of joyfulness, at least to some extent.

Reading through some of the threads on that subreddit, it's hard not to be convinced that it's all about magick. They talk about "liminals" in a way that Chaos Magicians discuss sigils, mentioning things like "embedding ideas into the universe" and "bypassing the psychic censor." They discuss the best ways to word statements of intent and even have a ritual called the MOAB, which somewhat resembles "Death Note" but combines subliminals using code, intentions, a notebook and actual magick.

They are currently embroiled in their conspiracy drama, suspecting a rat within the community working with YouTube to take down the most popular sub-makers.

They even have a rival splinter group!

It's so precisely like a chaos magic subreddit, that they even have the holier-than-thou and oh-so-smart skepyic members who spend their time trying to make the believers feel foolish for indulging in the liminal fantasy.

That all said, the claimed results over there are nothing short of miraculous - from changing eye colour to nose shape to affecting other people.

I'm completely hooked on it all. The magick, the drama, the enthusiasm. All of it.

If you click the image above this text wall, you will be directed to a YouTube video. This is a subliminal audio I created to help "Increase Magical Ability." You can also find it on Patreon or purchase it from my PAYHIP store.

I composed the music especially for this subliminal and recorded the affirmations myself.

As a first attempt, I believe it works very well - I've been listening to it non-stop for about a week in the background while I work, and I must say that I've experienced more synchronicities and strange occurrences than usual. It's important to note that I've also been engaging in a lot more magick than usual during this time.

Having listened to it a lot, I feel that the affirmations might be too loud. You can't hear what is being said, but you know something is being said. I know a lot of people over on R/Subliminal would categorise this as a supra-liminal. But I think it works well.

Even if you think the whole subliminal thing is bunk, and it may very well be, I still feel this music would work well as ritual background music anyway.

The affirmations used in the recording are as follows:
"My magical abilities are growing stronger every day / All my magick works / I am a powerful conduit for magickal energy / My magick is powerful and effective / I am filled with the wisdom, power, and love of the universe / Magick is easy for me / The Gods, Spirits and Ancestors are on my side / Things just work / I always get what I want / I know what I want / My Magic is always a success / I radiate magick / I am magickally strong and protected."

I will be releasing more subliminals over the next couple of weeks. One of them already has the music recorded. The three titles coming out are as follows, with the titles explaining their content and goals:
1. Happiness.
2. Awakening.
3. Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel.

So, expect them very soon.

If you want to know more about Subliminals and how to make your own, you can check out this YouTube Playlist:

Master Rajan Kapoor

Greetings! This is Master Rajan Kapoor, once again connecting with you through this sacred medium. I am deeply moved by the warmth and openness with which you received my previous essay. Your thoughtful responses and engaging questions have truly enriched our collective journey towards wisdom and self-realisation.

Today, I wish to share insights on a profound spiritual concept - 'Witness Consciousness'. This is an advanced practice, deeply rooted in the traditions of meditation and mindfulness that I have spent my life exploring.

Witness Consciousness, or 'Sakshi Bhava' in Sanskrit, is the practice of observing our thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judgement or identification. It is about cultivating a state of detached awareness, where we observe the play of life without getting entangled in it.

This might sound simple, but its implications are deeply transformative. When we cultivate Witness Consciousness, we create a space of clarity and calm within ourselves. We learn to observe our thoughts and emotions as passing phenomena, not as defining aspects of our identity. We realise that we are not our thoughts, not our emotions, but the conscious awareness that perceives them.

This shift in perspective can have a profound impact on our lives. It can free us from the grip of negative thought patterns and emotional turmoil. It can help us navigate life's ups and downs with greater equanimity and resilience. It can open the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

However, cultivating Witness Consciousness is not a one-time event, but a continuous practice. It requires patience, persistence, and compassion towards ourselves. It is about gently training the mind to rest in a state of serene observation, even amidst the whirlwind of life's experiences.

As we walk this path, we may encounter challenges and obstacles. But remember, these are not roadblocks, but stepping stones, opportunities for growth and understanding. Embrace them with an open heart and a curious mind, and they will reveal their hidden wisdom.

I hope this exploration of Witness Consciousness resonates with you and provides guidance on your spiritual journey. As always, I welcome your thoughts, reflections, and questions. Let's continue to learn and grow together, supporting each other on this beautiful journey of self-discovery.

In the spirit of shared wisdom,
Master Rajan Kapoor

For more Information on Master Rajan Kapoor please click HERE!


This is magick that Gordon White stole from William Bengston - we're stealing it back!*

  1. Find 4 to 9 Images that represent things you want in your life. These can be material things, emotions, experiences or whatever. If you want "freedom" find an image of someone with their arms outstretched running down a beach or whatever. Just an image that when you look at it you know exactly what it represents. Targets should be a mix of short, medium and long-term goals.
  2. Use a "robofish" image. Basically, add an image of something that is definitely going to happen - like meeting a friend or going to the cinema to see a particular movie. Use something unique but sure to happen. This "robofish" kickstarts all the other targets
  3. Make a new Google Slides document or PowerPoint presentation and put each of these images on their own slide.
  4. Look at them often - flick through them slowly, flick through them fast until you can flick through them easily and quickly in your mind.
  5. As often as you remember, flick through these images in your mind as fast as possible. You eventually want them to be going by in a blur.
  6. Go back to your Slide document every day and focus in on the images. Then repeat step 5
  7. Do this for 30 days and report back if you got any of your targets or if there was any movement towards them.

As an added extra, you can make a fast animation out of your slides and put that on a screen somewhere peripheral to you as you work, read or whatever. Put it somewhere that it's present but not a focus. the aim is to forget it's there, but you shouldn't hide it. Do this in your own time, but currently, we are doing it as a group over on the AIWW Discord and CMG!

*That's a refernce to the movie "Rattle and Hum" in case you don't know.


Here are the current T-Shirt designs available over on the AIWW TeePublic Store. Click on the image to go to the revelant store page. I will be adding more as time goes on. Also note that each of these designs is also available as various different types of apparel like Hoodies, Masks, Stickers, Magnets, Mugs, Tapestries, and even Wall Art. 

If you have a particular design you'd like to see on a mug or whatever, just let me know.

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There are some new new Nidana Videos, in which myself and Duncan Barford are going through each of the Nidana Cards and describing what they represent and how to use them in a divination setting.

And that's it for another AIWW Newsletter, I hope you got something from it. If you'd like to chat about you can hit reply to this email or come find me over on Discord.

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So, until next time,


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