FORTY SERVANTS: The Magick of Creation LIMITED EDITION PRINT 2022 (A5 & NON-Laminated)


FORTY SERVANTS: The Magick of Creation LIMITED EDITION PRINT 2022 (A5 & NON-Laminated)

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So, here is the Final Art for the Limited Forty Servants Halloween Print 2022. Yes, I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but man, there were a LOT of technical issues and annoying delays with getting this all put together. But we got there in the end. As you can see, I choose three of The Servants – The Planet, The Seer, and The Mother.

This trio first appeared in the Forty Servants Daily readings that I was doing earlier in 2022, and I was immediately struck by how perfectly they aligned as one image. I then, upon further reflection, saw that this trio perfectly captures the process of creation – gathered influences seen through the lens of personal intuition and then physical manifestation. It’s also a perfect expression of the process of Magick (The Act of Creation and The Art of Magick being inseparable). The sigil alone pulses with magick and can be used for any magick, art, or creation ritual. There are deep mysteries revealed in this trio.

And look, I know that all sounds quite woo and probably sales pitchy, but if you know me, I’m not disingenuous when it comes to this stuff. I really feel there is mysterious deep wisdom to be revealed from this trio – and that is available to everyone whether or not they buy the print or not. he Magick is for everyone, so use the Sigil freely.

I really enjoyed re-drawing these three Servants, am really, really happy with how it came out, and I am very excited to show you all, and wow, this has been quite a journey in getting here. I’m glad it’s finally made it to the world.

THIS LISTING IS FOR THE A5 SIZE AND LAMINATED which is aprox:  8.3 x 11.7″ and is Signed, Numbered  –  price includes Worldwide shipping.

It’s limited to 40 editions IN TOTAL – 30 Laminated 10 Unlaminated, SIGNED AND NUMBERED.