The Conductor: A5 Laminated and Signed Art Print / Altar Card


THE CONDUCTOR  – A5 Signed Art Print

This A5 Laminated Art Print (signed on the back) is exactly what you need to start working Magick with The Conductor from The Forty Servants. Perfect size for Altar use. Click on Image above for full card preview.

€15 Including Worldwide Shipping

This Servant is all about taking control of your circumstances and orchestrating the surrounding events to your desires.

The Conductor is the Magician of the Orchestra, using his Wand to control the music and rhythm to his preference. The Operator can invoke The Conductor to aid them in doing this in their own life. The Conductor can help them take control of events, relationships, jobs, circumstances or anything that surrounds them and put their own stamp on it.

The conductor can show The Operator how to move and manipulate the events of your life so that they become more harmonious and pleasing to you. The Conductor is a wonderful Servant to enlist when the Operator feels they don’t have control or autonomy in any situations they face. A candle offering request to show the Operator how to weave the music of life to their liking and rhythm is very effective.


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