The Devil: A5 Laminated and Signed Art Print / Altar Card


THE DEVIL  – A5 Signed Art Print

This A5 Laminated Art Print (signed on the back) is exactly what you need to start working Magick with The Devil from The Forty Servants. Perfect size for Altar use. Click on Image above for full card preview.

€15 Including Worldwide Shipping

This Servant reminds of the restrictions and binds we place upon ourselves.

The Devil Servant can be used to help break the chains that we bind ourselves with because of our beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. When you come across yourself acting on a belief that you no longer want to be restricted by simple visualise the Sigil pushing the belief away from your body.

Candle offerings can be used to The Devil to ask him for aid in showing you the limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back. These will appear in situations and events in your life, so be sure you are prepared for them to arise.

In Attack Magick, The Devil can be used to bind someone to continue even more deeply in their folly. This always eventually leads to the victim fully learning the lesson and overcoming the restriction or being totally engulfed by it, destroying themselves in the process.



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