The Messenger: A5 Laminated and Signed Art Print / Altar Card


THE MESSENGER – A5 Signed Art Print

This A5 Laminated Art Print (signed on the back) is exactly what you need to start working Magick with The Messenger from The Forty Servants. Perfect size for Altar use. Click on Image above for full card preview.

€15 Including Worldwide Shipping

This Servant is all about communication.

The Messenger is useful for anything to do with communication such as sending or receiving emails, giving talks or presentations, any sort of public speaking, writing blogs, or any sort of publicity. Also helpful when trying to get through to someone on a topic or idea. This Servant can be used to get people talking again after arguments or when communication falls apart.

The Messenger is also useful in getting a message to someone who is now long out of touch or is refusing to communicate with you. To ask The Messenger to deliver your message, write it down on a piece of paper, fold it over and put the persons’ name on it. Then make a candle offering to The Messenger in front of its image. When the Candle has burned down near its end use the flame to burn your message and then blow or throw the ash into the wind.




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