The Opposer: A5 Laminated and Signed Art Print / Altar Card


THE OPPOSER – A5 Signed Art Print

This A5 Laminated Art Print (signed on the back) is exactly what you need to start working Magick with The Oposser from The Forty Servants. Perfect size for Altar use. Click on Image above for full card preview.

€15 Including Worldwide Shipping

This Servant represents all the Opposition and Restrictions imposed by others.

The Opposer Servant can be banished when someone appears in The Operator’s life that is getting in the way of what is planned or is placing restrictions on The Operator. Sigils written on stones and thrown into the sea or a river, or sigils on paper burned are useful methods.

In Baneful Magick, The Opposer can be sent to restrict an enemy in their plans. Also useful when trying to stop new laws being created, or to stop decisions. Useful in cases such as restricting planning permission or permits.



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