The Sun: A5 Laminated and Signed Art Print / Altar Card


THE SUN – A5 Signed Art Print

This A5 Laminated Art Print (signed on the back) is exactly what you need to start working Magick with The Sun from The Forty Servants. Perfect size for Altar use. Click on Image above for full card preview.

€15 Including Worldwide Shipping

This Servant is all about Energy, Power, and Radiance.


The Sun servant can be used to increase the Operator’s spiritual or physical energy, for personal growth and increase of light in all areas of their life. Invoking The Sun Servant when weakness is felt or extra power is needed is extremely effective.

The Sun Servant can also be used to illuminate areas or events that are occulted to the Operator. Petition The Sun to show that which is hidden in the darkness, or for illumination on a topic which eludes the Operator.

The Sun is helpful to invoke during exercise, weight-lifting and sporting events to give power directly from The Source.

A very powerful Servant.



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