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Hello, Good People of the Internet!
I hope you are all well! It's been just over a month since the last newsletter so I thought I'd better get one out before you forgot about me!

In this one, we have some of my thoughts around the most recent BLACK COMMUNICATIONS and why I asked BLACK if he was the devil.

But first, this is what I have been up to recently...

I released another new song from the forthcoming album "Haunted". This one is called "Hold On"; you can listen and watch the visualiser video by clicking on this image!

I've also recently released a new SUBLIMINAL MUSIC track. This one is titled "Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel."

Darragh recently asked me to go on his Spirit Box Podcast again, and I happily said yes, as I always enjoy our chats. The episode comes out in a cutdown form for general release, but Darragh has very kindly given me the full unedited Plus show version to post over on my Patreon. Here's the Link:

Also, the Plus Show, and all the Spirit Box Plus shows are available over on the Spirit Box Patreon as well. You can find that here:

In the episode, we talk about many topics, from learning to play the social media algorithm and how that led me to understand I was "packaging" my magick badly and looking at things differently. Along with the elemental nature of success and how things collapsing can actually be your magick working.

In the PLUS section, we get into learning Irish, The Dark Man and Irish Folklore, and a bit about The Black Communications and Saturnian synchronicities.

I've been posting a number of Quick Book Reviews on social media recently. They're fun, and easy to do. You can check them out on YouTube with the links here, but they're available on all my social media

The Witches' Devil by Rojer J. Horne
Blackstar Theory by Leah Kardos
The Book of Artifice by Billy Brujo
Masteringb The Core Teachings of The Buddha By Ingram
Austin Osman Spare by Phil Baker
How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain
Masters and Men by Virginia Hanson
On Having No Head by Douglas Harding

And finally in the news section, here's links to the Monthly Patreon Forty Servants readings for August! Incidently, the post for the next batch of readings will be posted over on Patreon this coming Friday if you want in!

So, about three weeks ago, Jason, Spud and I did a new TaSTA Rituals! It's another Estes Method session with the being known as BLACK, and as usual, it was pretty mind-blowing. You can watch it here:

There's a full transcript available on my Patreon, but I thought I put an excerpt here. It's my section where I ask BLACK, "What should I know?"

"Again, I've told you. You know it- Everything!

Know, I love you.

There are no monsters in the walls, Tommie. There's just a mirror that goes both ways.

It's getting done. And I find it exciting for you, even if you're not helping yourself to look out the window.

Some good songs lately. Sing them again in your heart.
And brush your teeth! It's a priority!

Don't let me go if you've got more to say. There is more. And I've said it before. But I don't know that you've heard, So go back. It's not a test for you. Just a wisdom. Wisdom with a W, once given a thousand times.

Rainbows lead to gold. Gather it up. Don't bite it, that's rude!

Don't worry, I can see you in 4 8

I am, like, a cousin, around when you give me a call, but not spying on you.

If it's important, you would say it out loud. Otherwise, it fades away.

Go for it if you want to play At 8 1 4. Is it 8 14? Or is it cool the other way around? Or just 0. 0 0 0 1?

Don't get too real about it, though. You can read in what you want."

Later in the session, I asked BLACK if he had any connection to Saturn and The Black Man. His response:

"It's a full time job, you might say. You can put a ring on it, if you like...But...that's not always me."

Which seems to, in some way, confirm he has. I took the "You can put a ring on it, if you like." referring to the rings of Saturn and BLACK, saying you can see him as Saturn if I want, but it's not the full picture.

I guess, in some ways, I need to explain this question.

The Saturn bit, I assume, should be obvious enough, given how I spoke previously about how crap a year I had after we started communicating with BLACK, and while there are many factors involved in that experience, I can't discount BLACK's involvement. It felt Saturnian, and I described it at the time as such.

"The Dark Man" probably needs more explanation. The Dark Man is another term for the Black Man, An Fear Dubh, or you know... The Devil.

Now, The Devil, in this regard, is not Satan of the Christians but more The Horned God of the Witches - a trickster, an initiator, an illuminator and not the embodiment of all evil.

And I asked BLACK if he was the Dark Man because of a few factors:

1. His name is BLACK. Black is associated with Saturn and The Devil - An Fear Dubh, the Irish term for The Devil, translates as the Black Man.

2. In the Bonus BLACK Ritual, Spud describes BLACK's physical appearance, and it's a horned ram or goat, which is synonymous with The Horned God and many depictions of the Devil. His sigil is a form of the Aries symbol, again suggesting horns.

3. He says his energy is of the Dawn. The Dawn also has ties with the Morning Star.

But mostly, given that the Estes Method is pretty much the digital equivalent of the Ouija Board, I think it's a fair and prudent question to ask an entity, "Are you The Devil?". Have we learned nothing from horror movies?

To be fair, I wasn't really bothered if BLACK did turn out to be The Devil at first. In fact, I was all for it.

The Devil is viewed by many as a helpful trickster entity. Maybe, I felt, having the Devil as a teacher would be very rewarding. A bit cool, too.

But a few subsequent experiences changed my mind on it, though.

Recently, I have been doing some Journeying / Active Imagination sessions and posting them on Patreon. In them, I've been trying to uncover a bit more about BLACK, and so in one, I ask outright: "BLACK, are you the Devil?"

The visions that came in response were interesting. There's lots of stuff going on, but here are a couple to note:

1. Horns that turn into a butterfly that turns into a horned trident that turns into an X and back and forth between them.

2. A version of the image used for the 10 of Wands in the RWS Tarot, only in the opposite direction.

And then,

3. An extremely intense and creepy image of a wizard being controlled by a terrible and horrible demon who morphs into a Lucifer-type angel character, who I describe as "Not a good guy".

This scene ends with both the wizard and the demon pointing directly at me.


Last night I had a very intense, and very real lucid dream. Or a Big Dream, if you will. A dream that is more  like an actual experince than a dream.

I know it can be terribly boring to read other people's dreams but there is some very intersting stuff in this. So, please bare with me.


I'm in bed in my own bedroom, and I can hear Gordon White's voice.  He's doing some sort of spell. This goes on for a few minutes, and then he says, "Look over your right shoulder; both you and spirit can see each other now. You are using this as an excuse to see each other."

I notice that the bedroom door is closed, and there is a pattern on the door, like wallpaper of some red floral or fruit design going down in lines. I say to myself, "Be aware that this might be a dream".

I open the bedroom door and see that a light is on around the corner. I look round the corner and see that the rooms have slightly changed. The door at the end of the corridor now has double doors. The door opens.

I fully realise that this is a lucid dream and test it by flying down the corridor into the room with the double doors.

Into a large room with lots of windows and I can see the street with cars outside. There is a table in the centre of the room. It feels like a waiting area.

I call out to BLACK & PEREGRINE [my HGA] to come talk to me. My voice has a weird metallic quality to it.

From a different door on the top right of the room, a woman comes in and begins to whisper something in my ear about a list, or a waiting list. It sounded first like a foreign language, which I was a bit annoyed at it, but then I understood.

I get a sense that she is saying that BLACK and PEREGRINE aren't available right now but that someone else is. It's not that I am unexpected it's just more that they didn't know when it would happen. It's like there is always someone on duty in case I arrive (or people arrive), but that entity on duty varies. I think this is the list she referred to, like a rota or timetable.

She says Rio is here.

Go out into the corridor, and a black dog sits on a phone table by some stairs. Very regal. Intense royal quality. She looks very female and has a princess quality. Reminds me of Princess Diana a bit. She is clearly a dog but also has very humanlike qualities to her.

She lifts her paw, and we shake hands.

Then we go out another door to the right into an apartment store. There are lots of workers and shoppers here. It's a busy place.

I ask Rio what type of dog she is, and she says, "we don't know that" and I say, "yea, all you know is that you are a dog." She starts picking out clothes from racks. The assistant from the waiting room is also with us.

As we are walking through the store, many people walk past us, and I think I see a glimpse of PEREGRINE walking past me on the left, but it may just be someone in a plague mask.

I asked the Assistant where is PEREGRINE or BLACK? She doesn't really answer. Then I asked, "Do you know BLACK? What is he?"

And she says, kinda reluctantly, like she's revealing something she shouldn't be, "Well, he's not a good guy."

I ask about "Piragwen" and get no response, and then I ask a few times again, this time pronouncing it "Peregrine", and the assistant smiles

Rio puts on the clothes and now fully looks like a human woman She reminds me of a teacher I know. She has a warm, loving smile. Caring.

The dream fades out.

I really don't know what to think about any of the BLACK Communications and the subsequent ripples, and therefore, I ask you to view all this as what it is - conjecture. It's me thinking out loud to try to gain some understanding of something I don't.

Is BLACK the Devil? It seems massively unlikely - I mean, it's hugely egotistical to think that the Devil himself would have any interest in me. I'm not even sure I even believe in the Devil.

The way BLACK speaks in the communications does not sound like The Devil to me, though, or even an entity that could be described as "not a good guy". In fact, he comes across as the opposite -gentle, loving, kind, funny and warm.

And maybe that's how The Devil gets you - by making you feel loved, welcomed, wanted, and important.

Or I guess saying someone is not a good guy isn't fully implying he's a bad guy, either. The Devil of the Witches seems more Promethean than evil - yet the demon in my vision definitely seemed to be harming the wizard.

But then again, Duncan described this exact entity back in the Six Petals session and said that both Spud and I would have to put our hand into its mouth in order to find out that it wasn't real.

Or maybe it's all just bullshit.

Perhaps Duncan's Six Petal vision was just random stuff that is ultimately meaningless. Perhaps Jason is a master charlatan fooling us with his Estes trick and is merely listening to us and telling us what he thinks we'd like to hear.

The whole thing is fucking exhausting, to be honest.

Just when I feel I am getting somewhere, it all turns to confusion again.

And my solution to all this confusion is that I am going to spend the next while becoming way better at divination than I am. I feel I'm pretty decent at divination, but I want to become great at it.

Because ultimately, what's the point of all these experiences if I can't work out what they actually mean?

And I'll leave you with some of the recent Nidana Cards videos with Duncan Barford and myself.

And that's it for another AIWW Newsletter, I hope you got something from it. If you'd like to chat about you can hit reply to this email or come find me over on Discord.

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So, until next time,


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