I started the blog, Adventures in Woo Woo, and later the podcast and videos, to discuss, investigate and test the ideas, rituals, systems and beliefs that are suggested by the various teachings of the Occult and Spirituality such as: Chaos Magick, Law of Attraction, The New Age, Satanism, Thelema, Wicca, UFOS, Tantra, Meditation, Aliens, Demons, Angels, Gods, Spirits, Ceremonial Magic, Hermetics, Divination and anything else that a skeptic would consider Woo Woo.

I am not claiming any sort of expertise or mastery over any of these topics, nor do I represent any tradition or group. Everything on this website is just my own opinion, my personal experiences and insights, and should definitely be treated as such – I am definitely going to get things wrong or incorrect at times.

I am not the Wizard you are looking for…

I don’t claim to be anything other than a guy trying to find out what may be going on spiritually, with an aim is to work through my crud and shadow self.

I reserve the right to change my opinion on any of the topics or ideas posted here. Re-reading some of the old posts, and listening to old podcasts, even I don’t agree with all of it – it’s all just how I felt, or was what I was experiencing at the time when I wrote or talked about it!

This is just my adventure in woo woo – it’s not a general road map of any sort – find your own way, that’s the point of it!


I am Tommie Kelly.  🙂 I was born in Ireland in 1977 and I still live there. I am an Artist and Writer, but not always in that order. I have published a number of Comics. Some are about Music, most about the Occult in some way and one of them is just stupid. These days my art mostly consists of lots of photography and digital drawings. For me creating art is the biggest magickal act there is.

I used to describe myself as the World’s Only Consulting Occultist, but people didn’t get the reference and thought I was being serious, so I don’t do that now.  At gunpoint I would describe myself as a Chaos Magician, but not overly fond of labels as they mostly just keep you in a box. I have a Lifelong interest in all things Occult and Spirituality, starting in my early teens when I read some Stuart Wilde books and then Alice Bailey, along with lots of Buddhism, some Theosophy and hosts of New Age type stuff. I then went on to read all of Stuart Wilde’s books and spent countless hours listening to his talks. Wilde would be hands down my biggest influence but I am also a fan of Alan Watts, Brad Warner, Gordon White, Alan Chapman, Crowley, LaVey, Robert Anton Wilson, Russell Brand, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Conner Habib, Lionel Snell and loads of other peoplethis list isn’t in any particular order and is very incomplete. It’s probably mostly just reflective of who I could remember on the day I wrote this.

My favourite artists, in no particular order, would be: Anton Corbijn, Dave Sim, David Lloyd, Caravaggio, Jaime Hernandez, Mike Oeming, Saul Leiter, Da Vinci, and loads of others.
Music: The Beatles, Biffy Clyro, Depeche Mode, U2, The Frames, Erik Satie, LCD Soundsystem, Arvo Párt, and loads and loads of others
Films: Seven, Fight Club, Inception, The Matrix, Seven Samurai, Akira and loads of others.

I went to College in my mid-twenties to study Holistic Health and am qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reiki, but don’t practice any of it these days other than Aromatherapy which I find extremely pleasant and helpful. YMMV, of course.

I was a Sound Engineer for most of my Twenties and early Thirties along with having a very unsuccessful Music Career as a Singer/Songwriter, recording 4 albums and an EP, that were all critically ignored. Also Toured and Recorded as the lead Guitar player with a number of Original and Cover Rock Bands. While I taught guitar and music for a number of years,  I now couldn’t even tell you the last time I seen any of my guitars never mind played them. Such is life.

I was also a Classic Rock Radio DJ and Co-Host of a Comedy Chat Podcast, which was relatively successful in the local area where I live.

I spent many years writing and drawing comics including such titles as: Road Crew, Something Wonderful, The Holy Numbers, THEM, The Great Work and many more. You can buy them HERE.

You can check out my art on my Artist page on Facebook.  Of interest to the Magick enquirer – I have done the Cover Art for Rune Soup’s Gordon White’s Book Pieces of Eight  and artwork for Alan Chapman‘s Wiser School website, I did some memes for Jason Louv, along with numerous general portraits and avatars.

I read a lot of books.

However, it probably most likely that you found this site because of THE FORTY SERVANTS deck that I created. You can buy the deck HERE!


Everyone has a different opinion on what Chaos Magick is, but this is mine:

Chaos magic emphasizes the attainment of results by finding and utilizing techniques that actually work over conforming to strict occult tradition or process. It also aims to remove much of the unneeded baggage of traditional occultism, religion, or spiritual practice.

Chaos Magick sees “Beliefs” as being flexible and malleable – tools to be used rather than patterns or programs to be lead by. It suggests that no truth is absolute, or even truly knowable, and so prefers to see all truth as ultimately subjective.

The Chaos Magician’s secret weapon is the notion of “acting as if” something is true and then seeing if it leads to success or failure. Beliefs can be changed or augmented at will to suit whatever desire or outcome the magician is currently trying to achieve or manifest.

If nothing is true, then everything is permitted.


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To me, this is somewhat the wrong question. The better question is: Is it useful?

Does following the techniques, practices, ideas or systems lead me closer to health, happiness, satisfaction, prosperity, creativity, contentment or wisdom? If so, I keep them, If not, I drop them.

I am not aiming to convince YOU or anyone else that Magick, or any of the ideas I talk about, are real (whatever “real” is) so, take what you want from the post within here. If you disagree, that’s fine, but I won’t be arguing with you about it.

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