So, today was a day that didn’t go to plan. Usually people say that when things go wrong, but things didn’t go wrong- they just didn’t go as planned – but like in the most awesome way ever.

My plan was to have a quiet day to work on the background stuff I need to put together for the forthcoming THE FORTY SERVANTS Video Course, but that’s not what Ye Olde Fate had in store for me. Instead, The Four Devils decided that it was time for them to get out of lurking in my head and be born to the “real” world.

I had the idea of doing a small group of servitors based on the classic – Health, Wealth, Happiness and Wisdom for quite some time now. I also had the name The Four Devils knocking around, too. I found myself thinking a lot about them this morning and, before I knew it, I had Clip Studio open and was starting to draw.

Today was a day I felt I had very little say in. In a good way.

And then, as if by magic(k), all four of them arrived fully formed and ready for action. I posted them online over the course of the day and I was really not expecting how excited everyone would get about them. It was lovely.


So, here’s all the things you will need to know*


What are The Four Devils?
The Four Devils are Chaos Magick Servitors/ ideas/ energies/ archetypes that you can employ to increase certain things in your life. If you want a basic primer on Chaos Magick then go HERE!

How do they work?
Good question. Lots of people have lots of different ideas. But here’s a post I made that may help explain it all.

Why do they look like they do?
I have no idea, that’s just how they formed as I drew them. I tried to “get out of the way” as much as possible and just let whatever happened happen. This is my preferred system of creativity and magick.

Where do their names and/or sigils come from?
I have no idea, I guess that same place where all the ideas come from.

How do you use them?
Introduce yourself to them, tell them what you want and then tell them what you will give them in return. Suggested offerings: candles, public thanks, rum, attention, or whatever feels right to you. When you need a boost of their particular energy, you can draw their sigil in the air in front of you or write it on paper and carry it with you. Basically use them in whatever fashion feels best and powerful to you! If you want to know more about Servitors, go HERE! If you want to know more about SIGILS, go HERE!

How did you activate them?
By using intention and then by posting them online. The actual drawing of them seemed pretty activating to me, too.

What do they feed on?
All Servitors need to be fed (more on Servitors HERE!) so I have set these Servitors to feed on attention and use. They will become more powerful as more people use them. Same as The Forty Servants. But please know that what other people do with them doesn’t affect you in any way other than increasing their power for all. You aren’t going to get any blow back if someone tries to do “bad stuff” with them.

Are they safe to use?
Magick in general isn’t “safe” to use.

Shouldn’t the PLAGUE DOCTOR inspired one be better suited to HEALTH than the DEAD looking one?
I guess that’s just not how it was meant to be. I will suggest, though, that these things have a habit of being way cleverer than they appear to be on the surface- at least that’s my experience, so I just go with it.

Why has… Why is… What is…?
I have no idea, that’s just how it happened. Probably best to ask the Servitors themselves.

Why Devils? Are they Evil?
It sounds cool and that’s how they presented themselves. No, they are not evil.

Isn’t there a story about the Kranvoc image?
Yes – have a read of this blog post. But in essence the Kranvoc image is inspired by KAVAN THE KID’s Photo GHOSTS

How can I actually know that they are what you say they are?
Ultimately, you can’t and if you get a “bad buzz” or any sort of trepidation then I suggest you just don’t use them.

Are they Free?
Yes, they are free for everyone to use. If you feel you want to do the whole energy exchange thing then maybe buy The Forty Servants, or help me out on Patreon, or if you want just send me some money – but this is totally and utterly optional.

If I no longer want to use them what do I do?
Stop using them or just tell them to stop.

Are The Four Devils Part of The Forty Servants?
Because so many people have asked me I feel I have to add this: The Four Devils have NOTHING to do with The Forty Servants, it is a completely different and separate thing. They are not connected in any way other than both use Servitors. Not sure how much clearer I can be about this, but I know some of you will still be confused, so sorry about that. Not sure what I can do.

Any other questions just leave a comment below!

Jerdehl – For Wealth
Harven – For Health
Vharmon – For Wisdom
Kranvoc – For Happiness

And here are the PRINTABLE IMAGE FILES you can download and print out yourself.
FOUR DEVIL Cards are available in the FORTY SERVANTS Deluxe Box set


And here’s the low res shareable versions:


Jerdehl Wealth Servitor

Jerdehl – A Wealth Servitor


Harven- A Health Servitor

Vharmon - Wisdom -Servitor

Vharmon Wisdom Servitor

Kranvoc Happiness Servitor

Kranvoc Happiness Servitor

Kranvoc image is inspired by KAVAN THE KID’s Photo GHOSTS. Check out Kavan’s work HERE!



*I am aware that people will probably want to know more than this but I will add to the FAQ as time goes on.

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