Episode 004 of the all new Adventures In Woo Woo Podcast has been released!
Adventures In Woo Woo

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Episode 004 of the all new Adventures In Woo Woo Podcast has been released! This episode is on channeling, in which I make the argument that all Magic, Creativity, Ambition & Self-Expression is a form of channeling. Basically EVERYTHING is channeling.

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Perseus Arcane Academy

I also recently did an interview with the Perseus Arcane Academy.

“For those intrigued by the magical, mystical realms of spirituality and the occult, this interview provides a fascinating glimpse into Tommie Kelly’s decades-long journey down those metaphysical paths. From an early awakening by an aunt’s interest in the esoteric to exploring varied teachings and practices over the years, Tommie has travelled some unique metaphysical terrain. While embracing profound insights, they’ve also maintained a refreshingly grounded, questioning perspective – acknowledging both the marvels and inherent puzzles of spiritual study. With that nuanced backdrop, you’re invited to learn more about Tommie’s multifaceted experiences with magic, art, music, and just where this magical quest has led them thus far.”

Read the full thing here: https://perseusarcaneacademy.com/post/an-artists-magical-journey-tommie-kelly-discusses-spirituality-music-and-more/

The Nidana Cards Digital Download

The Nidana Cards are finally available as a high resolution & printable digital download. All 26 cards are included, along with the 32 page instructional booklet, 26 "Learning" images, and low resolution versions of each card for social media sharing.

Get it here: https://payhip.com/b/9sMAP 
Find out about the cards here: https://www.adventuresinwoowoo.com/nidanacards/

Arcane school

I have another post in the Redux Series published over on Patreon. The Redux series is where I go back to my old blog posts from the AIWW site and see if I still align with them or if I have anything to add or subtract from them.

At the end, I'll put it all together as a book collection as next year is the tenth anniversary of AIWW, so a collection would make sense.

In this one, Letters From The Arcane School, I talk about looking for help in the wrong places and reflect on how I once called an Ascended Master a “total dick”.

READ IT HERE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/letters-from-104159332

And here's the previous ones in case you missed any:LOG REDUX SERIES:

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My name is Tommie Kelly, and I’m an artist, musician, writer & Chaos Witch from Ireland. These periodical newsletters are about my adventures in creativity, spirituality, and magic. Probably also trying to sell you stuff too.

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