LIFE: W.L.F.T.S Update 2

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Weight loss for the soul: Update 2

I had my second weigh-in today and I have lost a further  10 lbs (4.7Kg) with my total loss now being 30lbs (13.7kg) or over 2 stone! This is just awesome as it is only day 69!

THEM Hypersigil: Post Script

THEM Hypersigil: Post Script
OR the “Hold on a minute I have been too hasty” update.


Having recently worked on formatting THEM for release on Amazon, the hypersigil element of the book has been on my mind a lot recently. I actually re-read it last night and I have to say that it looks wonderful on my Kindle Fire. You can check it out HERE if you like, if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free.

The Forty Servants Super Novena

The Forty Servants Super Novena

One of the things that caught me by surprise was that people wanted some sort of way of introducing themselves to the Servants, and vice versa, when they received their deck.

The reason I think I overlooked this important step is that I never felt I had to introduce myself to the Servants.  I spent so many hours in their company when I was creating them and I guess, I just forgot that other people didn’t have this same experience.

PODCAST: Black Mirrors And Shamanic Eye Gazing

Black Mirrors And Shamanic Eye Gazing

In this episode I talk about my experiences with Black Mirrors And Shamanic Eye Gazing. Can we see our own and other people’s past lives using eye-gazing? Odd visions certainly do occur at times using the process, but what are they?

Also mentions a related strange event that occurred when I was at a Stuart Wilde Lecture in Glastonbury.

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