LBRP Alternative – The Roman Pentagram Ritual

Why a LBRP Alternative?

One problem that people have when it comes to rituals like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, is that they really don’t feel comfortable with using God names and imagery from Judeo-Christian sources and are often looking for a good LBRP Alternative.  A lot of people who are drawn to the occult have come from Judeo-Christian backgrounds and feel the need and the want to remove these old associations from their new practice.

This is all well and good, and depending on the paradigm I am following at the time I also have these feelings and hesitations. I recently read Leviticus and was so disgusted by it that I felt it very hard to use any sort of Christian or Jewish imagery or ideas for awhile. If I was doing a Banishing ritual, the last thing I wanted to do was call on that evil Demon, possible Demiurge, Jehovah, for help. If anything I wanted to banish him. Hence, I can see a need for an LBRP Alternative.

One way I got round this was by using the God’s names as if I was commanding him. He was now my bitch and had to do what I told him. Get into that pentagram YHVH, same for you ADONAI! This is OK, but it feels a bit smart arse and less effective. I suggest trying it though, there is an element of fun to it.

To me the best thing about coming from a Chaos perspective is that all doors, paths and rituals are open to me. I don’t have to be bound by any particular domination, idea, book or teaching. If a leprechaun banishing ritual works, than I can use it. If a Norse god can do something I need help with, then I can go to him. So, taking that attitude, if the LBRP works, and it does, then I get to use it and the fact that it uses Judeo-Christian imagery and names shouldn’t stop me from it’s benefits.

LBRP Alternative - Jupiter

I actually do more Invoking than Banishing these days. I think banishing gets too much air time, to be honest. Lots of Occultists are broke, have no friends and have problems where the things they want always stay away. I’m not fully convinced that daily banishing is to blame for this, but if you are banishing more than you are Invoking and you seem to always have nothing, you might want to look at that.

To Change the LBRP from a Banishing Ritual to an Invoking Ritual, just change the way you draw the Pentagrams, and obviously change your mental attention during it. See stuff coming to you rather than pushing stuff away.

But, going back to the people who just can’t get passed the imagery or the names, or those who can get past it but just want something different for a change, I worked out an LBRP Alternative using Roman Gods, imagery and wording.

The Qabalistic Cross section now becomes the Romanistic Cross using the phrase: “From the sky,  be here now,  with thunders and lightning strike, in unrestricted command. Let it be done”.

TIGILLUS, LUCETIUS, PLUVIUS and STATOR, which are different aspects of Jupiter, are the new God names to be used and the Angels now become Mercury, Vulcan, Neptune and Tellus.

This will not be for everyone and will probably be frowned upon by more people than will want to use it. But so be it, I present this only as an idea, not anything to take overly seriously, call blasphemy or whatever. It’s just an idea that might help people.

Pentagram - LBRP Alternative

The Roman Pentagram Ritual 

Romanistic Cross Section

Thanks to NotFancy on reddit for the proper Latin!

Using your hand, a wand or a dagger.

  • Above you is a brilliant white light. Push your right hand up into it and take down some of it’s light. The Touching the forehead, say Ex Caelo (from the sky).
  • With force (but be weary of hurting yourself if you are using a dagger) point between the legs say Adesto (be here now).
  • Touching the right shoulder, say Cum Tonitribus (with thunders).
  • Touching the left shoulder, say Ac Fulguribus (and lightning strike),
  • Clasping the hands upon the breast, say Absoluto Imperio, Fiat.  (in unrestricted command, let it be done.).

You are making yourself into the centre of the Universe with this section. You should see light extending from your head to the brilliant White light above you. The light should travel down your body and continue down to infinity, likewise with the right and left shoulders. I think this works best with intentional force, pushing the light out with the dagger and moving the blade within the hand to the direction you are opening. But try different ways and see which suits yourself.

This is the end of the first section.

The Pentagrams

Earth Pentagram
  • Turning to the East, make a pentagram in the air in front of you. This should be an Invoking or Banishing Earth Pentagram depending on the goal of the ritual. You might also like to try using the reverse Pentagram. Visualise the Pentagram as a Blue light, almost the colour of a gas flame, only more vibrant. Draw it big. When drawn, put the hands up and face the palms to it, breath deeply inwards and then launch into the Sign of The Enterer and Vibrate TIGILLUS.See the Pentagram become powerful with the energy. If you are doing the Banishing version see, in your mind’s eye, the force of your energy spreading out all in front of you like a pulsing wave of clearing power. If Invoking see the opposite. Imagine the Pentagram is either locking out or keeping in this energy.Finish with the Sign of Silence. Push your fingers/wand/Knife into the centre of the pentagram and visualise a line coming from it as you move to the next direction.
  • Turning to the South, the same, but vibrate LUCETIUS.
  • Turning to the West, the same, but vibrate PLUVIUS.
  • Turning to the North, the same, but vibrate STATOR.

Evoking the Gods

  • Extending the arms in the form of a cross say:
    “Before me Mercury”; Visualise Mercury as a huge Godlike being in front of you. The wind is blowing his blue cape and you can feel the wind on your face. He holds the Caduceus Wand in his hand. He has wings on his sandals and helmet.
  • Behind me Neptune”; Behind you see the Great God Neptune as he plunges out of the Sea with his Trident. Feel the wet of the waves on your back, neck and head.
  • On my right hand Vulcan”; Picture the Great God Vulcan working in his forge. Flames all around and the heat is felt intensely on your skin. He has a huge blacksmith’s hammer.
  • “On my left hand Tellus”; See The Goddess Tellus in front of stones and rocks. She is pregnant and holding her belly lovingly. You can smell the dry sand and rocks and can feel the great strength of the earth.
  • “For about me flames the Pentagrams,” 
  • “And in the Column/And above me/And Within* shines the six-rayed Star.”
  • Repeat the first section*Take your pick, many version for this bit.

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  1. This is a gem. I’ve read about LBRP and did some research to find that some people claim to receive negative effects. I’ve never done LBRP on a daily basis because a. Christian is not my style and b. There is no invoking done after that. It didn’t make sense since you don’t specify what you’re banishing. I was just looking for a simple invoking ritual, this is two birds with one stone. Thank you!

  2. I recently invoked Neptune in a similar banishing ritual it worked great ,as I have a naturalist perspective.

      1. No my situation was actually a little special since I had transformations and morphine usage to complete the ritual I transformed into a merfolk creature on several occasions spending time with my succubus.

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