Mirror Gazing

Go grab a mirror, I am sure you have one somewhere in the house. If you can, or have the desire to make one, try to use a black mirror. While Black mirrors are not necessary, using one will make you feel extra magicky and anything that will help you get into “the zone” is a good thing.

Next get a nice big candle and put it in front of it. If you can get a black one, even better. Candles are pretty useless in bright light, so try to make the room you are in as dark as possible. Maybe stick on some background music – go for something creepy or mysterious rather than the sort of fluff you hear in a spa. But my fluff my be your gold, so pick the music that works best for you.

Mirror Gazing
With the room illuminated only by the candle, sit in front of the mirror and begin to gaze at the point on your face between your eyes. Relax your gaze and allow the shape of your face to flow. Try to relax your eyes as much as possible, allow your vision to blur or bend, try not to blink. Those who know told me that if you do this then you have the possibility to see how you looked in past lives; sometimes non-human ones.

I’ve seen strange things in mirrors. Sometimes, the reflection seems to lookback at you knowingly. Sometimes you just see your face. 🙂


Author: Tommie

Tommie Kelly is an Artist and Writer, but not always in that order. He has published a number of Comics, some of which are about music, though they're all mostly about magic in some way. Tommie believes creating art is the biggest magickal act there is and is firmly in agreement with Alan Moore that Art=Magic. He also created the Forty Servants.