My Week in the Occult – Week 14: 2016

In a blend of old and new, this week I have been mostly watching, reading and listening to…

The Very Least We Can Say
– America can afford a universal basic income
– 5 Esoteric Artists You Should Know
Why the modern world is stupid
– What Are the Keys to Happiness?
Why are people so Incredibly Gullible?
– 7 Rules for Relating to Non-Occultists.
– Pagans demand greater respect

Gordon Talking the Magical Life with Jason Miller
Ultraculture with Zach Leary
– Grimerica Talks with Erich Von Däniken
– Jason Louv  on the Me & Paranormal You



Author: Tommie

Tommie Kelly is an Artist and Writer, but not always in that order. He has published a number of Comics, some of which are about music, though they're all mostly about magic in some way. Tommie believes creating art is the biggest magickal act there is and is firmly in agreement with Alan Moore that Art=Magic. He also created the Forty Servants.