Taking Back Your Energy

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using an interesting technique that has really helped me to lessen the emotional and energetic impact of past events or situations on my current life. The technique is a mishmash of a number of ideas stolen from NLP, various Spiritual Energy theories, New Age staples and has more than a pinch of Magick to boot. The main source, however, was one particular book.

My friend Tadhg sent me the book with some warnings – most of it is really cringey,  that I would have to wade through a lot of New Age mumbo-jumbo, and I’d have to read about all the different perspectives I’ve read a million times previously, before I got to the good stuff. The book is “Busting Loose from the Money Game” By Robert Scheinfeld and I give you the exact same warning. When you get to “The Process” hopefully you will find it as worthwhile as we did. As Tadhg said, the tech is really great but the presentation is truly annoying.

In The Process there is a particular step where you pull back towards you, all the energy you have given to a particular situation or event in your life. These situations can be anything – breakups, arguments, embarrassing moments, loss, hurt, death – you name it! These are memories that when they enter your mind you feel totally drained.  You leak energy.

The adapted technique I am using to counter this is probably best explained using an example.

Energy leak

Years ago there was an embarrassing incident in which I got the words of a song wrong and got very badly mocked by a number of people in a pub for it. What added to the extra embarrassment was that I was so adamant that I was right and I was being arrogant with it. When it became extremely clear to me that I was utterly wrong and was acting like a complete Tit, I obviously became very embarrassed. In the years since, this memory has played over and over in my mind and has definitely led me to leak.

So, recently when the memory resurfaced I stopped resisting it.  I just let it play out in my mind without trying to stop it, forgive it, justify it, accept it, or have any feelings about it at all. I just looked at it without telling myself what it meant.

Next, with my NLP hat on,  I moved the perspective of the memory to a third person view. I was now looking at myself from behind rather than from behind the eyes of the Tommie who was actually there at the time. From this new vantage point I could see the entire scene in front of me, and from there I stopped the memory in it’s tracks, making it a freeze frame.

I started to pull all the energy from the scene back into my Heart Chakra (If you want to try this, pick wherever chakra feels best to you, the heart works for me, but it mightn’t be what does it for you. Doesn’t even have to be a Chakra.) To me the energy looks and feels like thick strings, ropes or tubes.  More precisely, the Energy looks like somewhat translucent tentacles coming from the scene, being pulled in by my heart Chakra (which for me, I see as a small Sun in the centre of my chest that radiates light all around me).

Think of it like the end of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, but in this case I was the Ark taking all the energy from the Nazis.  I kept the energy returning it do me until everything gets depleted – the people, the furniture, the items, the sounds, the smells, the colours etc until it becomes squished up, drained, wrinkled and empty. As the energy pulls out of the memory, the picture went from colour to black and white, the panorama got tighter and the whole memory went further away from me in my mind’s eye.

Finally, I make the memory as small as possible and then let it disappear.

Afterwards, the memory doesn’t have the same bite it did. It feels complete – It feels done. The leak has been fixed. With stronger or harsher memories you may have to do this a few times but even after the first time the sting is really lessened.

Now, this example is hardly a life-changing or massively devastating event, but, I noticed that I was still leaking a lot of my personal energy due to it. It felt, somewhat, like part of me was still there, at the time of that event – almost as if a part of my Soul (for want of a better word) had separated and remained behind. This means that, in some way, every similar event may have diminished me energetically making the sum total of personal energy available to me now a lot less than it could be. So, for the last while, I have been going around collecting all my energy back that I had left behind at different events or moments of my life.

I have even done some Energy Recalls in real time as the event is occurring and I find amazing benefit from it. Doing it in real time kills the leak before it’s even born. It stops the event from becoming a memory that keeps you awake on a random Tuesday night, which is very helpful.

Give it a go and see what you think.

Until next time…

– If this type of stuff sounds interesting to you then you might get a lot out of the Shamanic practice of Soul Retrieval, which has some very similar concepts and ideas.

– Matt has a great video around the topic of Leaks, which you should watch:

– Featured Artwork by Truls Espedal

4 Replies to “Taking Back Your Energy”

  1. I was also thinking of the same thing recently! The method you posted is very similar to the one I use, with the main difference being that I use a symbol I channeled from my spirits to draw the energy back to me.

    1. Nice.

      I like that symbol idea, as it could work similar to the Pentagram in the LBRP, where the symbol stops the energy from coming back. I might steal your suggestion for my own use 😀

  2. No way dude. Last night before I went to sleep, I was doing this. Before I saw this post. I was looking over memories filled with emotions and sucking back the energy into my present body (ie. Everything that had been drained from me from embarrassing moments, abuse, nightmares, etc). I imagined that the color of the scenery which kept the image alive was my energy. I would then suck back everything within the scene, everything I’m feeling, all the energy devoted to keep the colors vibrant until everything went black/white. Then for good measure, I’d suck everything away until everything became void of imagery at all.

    I got the idea of this technique from Carlos Castaneda which is called Recapitulation. And the part about allowing the scene to lose color, I got from someone being channeled by Darryl Anka called “Bashar”. The part about making everything void, I think I got from a shaman called Lujan Matus.

    I must say, last night…something felt different. I had tried recapitulation alot of times before and I did feel that I was getting a bit of energy back but not all the energy. Last night, I really felt like I large chunks of energy had returned to various parts of my body (the back of my legs, upper torso, heart chakra, lower dantien, etc)

    I’m posting this because I recently have had no internet at my house for several weeks. I just logged into reddit now (at the library) and saw the post which was synchronous with what I had experienced. It was on the first page…had it been a few days prior or later, I may not have seen the post. Thus, I take it as an omen to speak up. You’re on the right path, keep recapitulating. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for the reply Dave,

      Syncs are quite amazing when they happen, particularly when it is so blatant like yours was. I know of Bashar and obviously Castaneda but I have never come across the name Lujan Matus, so I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!

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