The Artwork for the Deck is Complete!

Artwork for Deck

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s all the artwork for deck is now done but I am mindful that there is always one or two tweaks needed that I won’t see until I have a break from looking at them for a week or so.

Which works out well as I now have to really get down to the text part of the whole deal, which will give my eyes a break from looking at the art. Basically I had to make a decision a few weeks back to drop the printed booklet that would have come with the deck and instead add four more cards. The booklet text will be available as a free PDF download, and I will be doing a lot of new posts on the deck and the individual cards for the foreseeable future – so there will be plenty of text info available, just not in the form of a small booklet with painfully small text 🙂

Deck will be out next month all going to plan and I will be starting to explain the whole Magick system part of it over the next few days in a new section on the site here.

I also am 95% sure I know what I am calling it too.

So lots of stuff to come!

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