In my last post I talked about a technique I use to create a sort of Glamour Magick around me. I want to explain that a bit better now as I have had a few people asking for more information on it.

The first time I ever used this technique was when I was in my final year of secondary school and was making my first conscious effort to lose weight and try to feel better about myself. This is over twenty years ago now, and it’s funny that I am going through the same phase again – but as we all know (or should do by now) – if we don’t learn our lessons they’ll keep coming back harder and bigger until we do.

Anyway, I never felt comfortable in school and was totally useless when it came to wooing the opposite sex. I had zero confidence, I was fat, I wasn’t cool, I was a bit of an awkward dick, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t smell great. I also had no idea how to look after myself or present myself to the world in a good way of any sort.

So, in the final six months I had left at school, I decided to do something about it. I gave up all the nice food and just had the boring food and went for walk everyday. I started to really look after myself. Within a couple of months I had lost a lot of weight, but I noticed that no one else was noticing. Now, the slagging and teasing about my weight had stopped but no one mentioned that I had actually lost the weight or was looking better.

At this time I was listening to Tony Robbin’s Personal Power for the first time ( I have done it a number of times since, including some time last year) and I was all about self-improvement. I wrote down all the qualities I wanted to have, be and enjoy and all that basic sort of stuff that has become a bit of a cliche these days. I was doing the inner work, but the outer world didn’t appear to be reflecting it back to me.

The thing that changed it all, was me using a form of Stuart Wilde’s “turbo though” technique to radiating an idea or feeling out around me like an aura. The basic idea can be described as deliberately trying to shine or radiate confidence, beauty, health (or whatever idea the person is tying to cultivate) out from the physical body using a force of will. This changes the personal aura space around the person, and eventually other people start to see and notice it.


So, back then, I started by trying to imagine what someone who was good looking, confidence, and well liked by people, would feel like. I took the example of Brad Pitt and tried to imagine what it must feel like to be him. I then took that feeling and put it in my heart centre and then pushed it out all around so that it explodes out all around me like water drops, and then surrounds me in a bubble, like an aura. I created and aura around me that was projecting out the qualities I was trying to cultivate in myself.

I did this every morning before I got out of bed, and at any time during the day when I remembered it. After about two weeks it all became real. People at school, during separate encounters during the day, all told me how good I was looking, how healthy I appeared, and lovely things like that. It was like one day nothing, and then the next it all switched on.

This two week delay is interesting, as Grant Morrison mentions something similar in his famous Sigil talk that it takes some form of “three” for his sigils to work. Three hours – three days – three weeks or three years. This technique originall took me about two weeks, but I can’t help but notice a similarity to it. Perhaps it takes a while to build up energy, perhaps it takes time to re-program the matrix, perhaps it is just coincidence. Interesting though and worth further thought.

I have started doing it again now, but in a more mature sense of actually trying to cultivate these qualities in myself rather than just using a glamour on people. It’s almost funny just how much resistance I have to allowing myself to feel good about myself physically. I am finding this technique really powerful in reprogramming myself.


  1. Decide what sort of quality you would like to radiate.
  2. Try to understand and feel what it must be like to be a person who feels like that. Think about how they would feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  3. Place that feeling in your Heart Centre (or where ever feels right for you) and then with an out breath let it explode out and surround you. Then, make it shine or radiant outwards from you, projecting it from your body and out into the world.
  4. Try to keep this feeling surrounding for as long as you can, but do not stain. Always keep it gentle.
  5. Repeat each morning and during the day as often as you remember it. You can even try it as you talk or interact with people and see if you notice any reaction.


I’ll leave you with this quote from Brother Stu, from his book The Quickening. It’s variation on the technique, and this is where I stole my version from in the first place, though there is an NLP vibe to mine also, so I’ll give a nod to Mr Robbins and the rest of the boys for it too.

“…in a meditative state, place your concentration at the root chakra, at the base of the spine in the genital region… and slowly pull from that base, with your mind, a quantum of energy. You can visualize it as a ball of light.

See that energy moving slowly up an imaginary line through the center of your body, like an elevator. You will have decided, prior to this, which of three chakras—heart, throat, or third eye—is your strongest. (You can’t use the crown chakra for turbothought.) Then, as you move the Life Force up your body, stop it once it reaches the chosen chakra, and hover it there for a moment.

Allow the energy of the chakra and the energy that you have raised from the root to mix. By now, that image of light will be held slightly outside your body at a distance of about an inch. Place inside that pellet of energy your visualized intention. Allow the etheric energy that you have collected from the root to infuse your image so that the visualization becomes a hologram, so that within every atom of the etheric energy there is contained a complete image of the whole. Feel that image excited and intensified by the Life Force.

Then, when you have held that image inside the pellet of energy and you have hovered it there for a brief moment to stabilize it, you are ready to fire the turbo-thought.

In firing it, you explode it all around you, top to bottom, left to right, behind and in front, so that the energized hologram of your visualization enters every molecule of what you are. In this way, every minute part of your mind-body-spirit now contains the image of your new circumstances. Your destiny pattern, which lays all around you in your etheric, now contains the new possibility as fact.

To explode the thought, expel from your mouth a short burst of air that you originate from the lower diaphragm. It is like a forceful sigh. As you express it, your stomach muscles will contract. The sigh will be akin to a sniff, except that you are exhaling rather than inhaling. Simultaneously, see the pellet with your image in it, explode, blasting and radiating through your entire being.”

Until next time!



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  1. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to trying this. Recently I’ve been listening to affirmations to develop a powerful aura and using some myself. Such as “I have a commanding presence”, When I see my reflection – I’m in awe of my presence. But it’s subjective, it could be my mind playing tricks on me. I’ll have to keep using these techniques until someone notices.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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