The Forty Servants: Comparison Guides and Tables

Comparison Guides and Tables

So, I think this post with The Forty Servants: Comparison Guides and Tables, will be of huge benefit to most of you and should answer a lot of questions and clear up some haziness for you. I broke down the differences between The Servants who are similar in nature, and then talked about The Servants who are in opposition with each other. Next I placed each of them into their relevant Elemental category, and finished up with some Servants who work well together.

Lots to look over in this one, and is the sort of stuff to expect from the forthcoming new updated, extended and expanded guidebook.

I hope that this post will help to encourage you to get a bit more creative with how you use the Servants for different effects. Any questions just ask below or in the Facebook group!

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Comparison Guides and Tables

The Dead – The Forty Servants

Differences Between Servants Similar in Nature

The Explorer – The Adventurer

Similarities: Widening horizons, pushing past boundaries, getting out of comfort zones.
Differences: The Adventurer is about doing exciting new things and going on exciting new adventures whereas The Explorer is about becoming a better or greater person. The Explorer is about personal growth rather than doing new stuff.

The Contemplator – The Seer

Similarities: Access to information that our conscious mind doesn’t have.
The Seer gives us access to our intuition and gut feelings, whereas The Contemplator gives us access to our subconscious memories.

The Devil  – The Opposer

Similarities: Restriction.
The Devil represents the limiting beliefs and ideas we place on ourselves whereas The Opposer represents the restriction placed on us by outside forces.

The Gate Keeper – The Road Opener

Similarities: Getting access to things out of reach.
The Road Opener opens new areas for you to explore, and removes blocks and obstacles, creating new opportunities for you, whereas the Gate Keeper holds the Keys to areas, communities or worlds that you are already aware of.

The Chaste – The Monk

Similarities: Warns of doing too much.
The Chaste is about discipline and self-control whereas The Monk is about making your life simpler and silently focusing inwardly.

The Guru – The Librarian

Similarities: Learning and Education
The Librarian is predominately about learning the theory behind things by reading and studying, and in a formal education, whereas the Guru is about learning the practical real world steps you need to take to improve on your goals.


Similarities: Deception
The Devil is about the false restrictions we place upon ourselves that needlessly hold us back. The Moon shows us the lies we tell ourselves about how good or great we are.


Similarities: Guidance and Mentoring
The Father will teach you about emotions and how to navigate life better, whereas the Guru will teach you skills, wisdom, and give practical advice.

The Carnal – The Lovers

Similarities: Love, sex and attraction
The Lovers is the moment after the lust, when the Love deepens into more than just physical attraction.


The Messenger - The Forty Servants

The Messenger – The Forty Servants

forty servantsServants in Opposition

The Carnal – The Chaste
Both ends of the spectrum of indulging or refraining from sexual or physical pleasure.

The Thinker – The Seer
Thinking things through logically versus going with a gut feeling.

The Fortunate – The Depleted
Being surrounded by all the good things versus having nothing.

The Media – The Monk
Putting yourself out there as much as possible versus pulling back and retiring from public life.

The Balancer – The Desperate
All things in balance and in order, versus everything in chaos and disorder.

The Eye – The Conductor
Destiny and predetermination versus choosing your own path.

The Mother – The Depleted
Being Fertile versus being barren. Birth versus Decay.

The Opposer – The Road Opener 
Being blocked and restricted versus the way ahead being open and free from obstacles.

The Fortunate – The Giver
Receiving versus giving.

The Planet – The Desperate
Seeing how immense and inspiring the universe actually is versus being totally caught up in your own head. The Macrocosm versus the Microcosm.

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Forty Servants Elemental Attributes

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forty servantsServants that are linked by their nature

The Monk – The Chaste – The Devil – The Opposer
KEYWORD: Restriction
The Monk is about making your life simpler, which in a sense is a restriction you place on yourself. The Chaste talks about discipline and denial, which again is about restriction. The Devil represents the limiting beliefs and restrictions we place on ourselves, while the Opposer is restrictions that are forced on us by outside forces.

The Mother – The Father
KEYWORDS: Parental Guidance
The Mother will do anything to keep her child safe and free from harm. She feels her job is to protect the child. The Father, although he loves the child as much, will use tough-love so that the child becomes more self reliant and resilient. The Father will let the child do something stupid so that they will learn from it; The Mother would try to stop the child harming themselves. Both want the child to be happy and protected.

The Father – The Guru – The Librarian
KEYWORD: Teaching
The Father will teach us about dealing with the emotional hardships and ups and downs of life. The Guru will give us practical wisdom in how to be better at the things we want to accomplish, and The Librarian will teach us the theory behind it all.

The Moon – The Sun
KEYWORD: Illumination
The moon illuminates the dark and nasty places in our lives, the bits we don;t really want to see while The Sun shines on all the goodness and joyous places.

The Desperate – The Fixer
KEYWORDS: Nothing left to lose
The Fixer is what the Desperate becomes when he finally has enough and decides to do whatever it takes or costs to get the situation sorted out.

The Road Opener - The Forty Servants

The Road Opener – The Forty Servants


Some examples, not an exhaustive list:

  • The Monk and The Chaste if life is getting out of control.
  • The Librarian, The Guru and The Father for begining new studies.
  • The Healer and The Balancer for general healing.
  • The Carnal and The Fortunate for better luck in love.
  • The Carnal and The Lovers for turning lust into love.
  • The Fortunate and The Sun for increased good fortune.
  • The Media and The Messenger for getting the word out.
  • The Planet and The Sun for increased personal power.
  • The Mother and The Witch for fertility.
  • The Devil and The Moon for shadow work.
  • The Eye and The Fortunate for general good luck and happiness.
  • The Idea, The Giver and The Road Opener for creativity.
  • The Monk and The Master for meditation.
  • The Planet and The Lovers for attracting a new relationship.
  • The Dead and The Gate Keeper for Ancestor work.
  • The Mother and The Father for guidance.
  • The Dancer, The Healer and The Depleted for letting go.
  • The Levitator and The Protector for walking away unharmed.
  • The Carnal, The Balancer and The Sun for weight loss
  • The Seer and The Thinker and The Balancer for big decisions.
  • The Road Opener, The Gate keeper and The Fortunate for new business opportunities.
  • The Witch, The Fixer and The Sun for when you really need to get something done no matter what.


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