The Great Techno-Magical Ultraterrestrial Hunt

Hello Good People of the Internet!
I have a new group Ritual Announcement for you all. This one is in conjunction with Marco Visconti,Jason Mendel, and Spud! Our aim is to mix magick and technology to try and find out if the Third Order of the A∴A∴ is truly missing in actionas implied in the original emails received by Greg Newkirk and his team from the TV show Hellier.

WHEN: WEDNESDAY 25 May 2022 e.v. @ 8:30pm BST
WHERE: ZOOM – link to be given on the day
WHO: Open the members of my AIWW Patreon Community, Marco’s community at the Malkuth tier or above, as well as Jason’s Patrons.



Everyone participating in the Operation will be required to adhere to this daily magical routine for the month leading up to the ritual. This should be added to whatever comprises their own already:
  • Presence / Fourfold Breathing: 5 to 10 minutes with good posture and focus
  • Performance of the Thelemic Middle Pillar Ritual, audio here
  • Performance of the Star Ruby, as shown here
  • Exposure to the Aural Sigil found here
In addition to this, once a week on a Saturday, the preparation will culminate with the LAM Statement as conceived by Michael Staley of the Typhonian Order. Here follows the procedure.


This Operation should be performed only in a fully protected Circle. This involves starting with Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, followed by the Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram of Earth. Then, proceed with a silent and intense aspiration to Kether, the Crown beyond the Abyss.

The mode of Entering the Egg may then proceed as follows:

  • Sit in silence before the portrait.
  • Invoke mentally by silent repetition of the Name, LAM.
  • If response is felt to be positive, but not before, enter the Egg and merge with That which is within and look out through the entity’s eyes on what appears now to the votary an alien world. Adumbrations of identity with LAM may be experienced as a strong sense of the unreality, or unfamiliarity, of the ’objective’ universe.
  • Seal the Egg, i.e. close the eyes of Lam and await developments.
  • At the first sign of stress or fatigue, return to mundane consciousness by opening the eyes and by oozing out of the Egg in a form determined by the experiences within.
  • Perform, astrally, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and record all experiences in detail, paying particular attention to lunar phases (celestial and, where applicable, terrestrial), and any physiological phenomena accompanying the experience.


Those joining this Operation will be divided into 2 groups:

THE OPERATOR: In Marco’s first attempt at this last year’s, they had 5 Operators going utilising the Estes Method in turn. This was mostly due to the fact several people wanted to see what it felt like to be a “scryer”.

Unfortunately, this didn’t yield consistently good results, as it became evident there’s a need for someone actually skilled in this. Therefore, we decided that the best candidate for this job is Jason Mendel given the outstanding performances he proved capable of so far during the TaSTA Rituals and his own sessions.

You can also Jason’s work on his blog, A Lamp In The Underworld, and learn more about his ongoing explorations across the subtler realms of consciousness and Being.

THE MAGICIANS: everyone else, provided they have followed the preparatory routine with diligence. During the Estes Method session of the Operator, the Magicians will keep the Aural Sigil in loop and project it (both visually and psychoacoustically) onto him.

THE SERVANTS: At the start of the Operation, I will call upon 3 of his Servants – the Protector, the Gate-Keeper, and the Messenger. Follow the links to learn more about them, and feel free to use them in your own preparation to become more familiar with their specific essences.



Feel free to speak on social media about this Operation if you want. But if you do please always make it clear that we are by no means “Hellier experts”, nor are we trying to hijack the original investigation by the Hellier team. I think it’s fundamental to acknowledge Hellier as the original inspiration for this Operation.
But let’s be clear: we are moving on and trying to contact Cosmic forces!
IMAGE: Cosmolux, Paul Laffoley (1981)