Mind Stuff


Well, but of course, I have tried to regularly meditate before. It’s been an on and off lark for most of my life but I have never been successful in keeping it up longer than a few weeks. All going to plan, this time I will stick to it. I think I will, I have a new trick – I lie down.

MAGICK DIARY: Evoking Mercury

I recently read Frater U.D’s book Money Magic which you can download over on the Internet Archive page. Not sure if it’s posted legally or not, but you can decide by looking HERE. I don’t know a lot about Frater U.D other than he is German and his book on Sigil Magic is widely recommended as the book on the subject. Personally, I haven’t read his Sigil book, I got most of my Sigil Magic from Gordon over on Runesoup, but having read UD’s Money Magic book I might have a read of his other stuff. I really liked it. Easy read, well researched and gives decent arguments for his assertions without  getting too bogged down on details. Have a look, you’ll read through the whole thing in a few hours.