This weekend is all about banishing for me.

I probably don’t do it often enough. I went through a period last year were I did the LBRP everyday for about five months give or take. I was re-reading Modern Magick and was trying my best to follow all the lessons as laid out. Problem was all I managed to banish was money, work, motivation and ambition. Plenty of anger, depression and frustration stayed about. Obviously these are my bigger demons but Money has never really liked hanging around me for some reason.

LBRP Alternative – The Roman Pentagram Ritual

Why a LBRP Alternative?

One problem that people have when it comes to rituals like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, is that they really don’t feel comfortable with using God names and imagery from Judeo-Christian sources and are often looking for a good LBRP Alternative.  A lot of people who are drawn to the occult have come from Judeo-Christian backgrounds and feel the need and the want to remove these old associations from their new practice.