This weekend is all about banishing for me.

I probably don’t do it often enough. I went through a period last year were I did the LBRP everyday for about five months give or take. I was re-reading Modern Magick and was trying my best to follow all the lessons as laid out. Problem was all I managed to banish was money, work, motivation and ambition. Plenty of anger, depression and frustration stayed about. Obviously these are my bigger demons but Money has never really liked hanging around me for some reason.

I think a lot of Occultists are the same. Money spells and career rituals are probably second only to Love Spells, which are what most people use magick for (or at least is seems to me). An awful lot of Occultists seem to be broke and depressed. Well, I come across a lot of Occultists that are broke and depressed, that could be my pattern, it could also be that rich and positive Occultists are too busy having a great time to post in the forums and communities I frequent.


The demon Depression has been really sticking it to me the last while. Last year was a pretty shitty year year; I have nothing good to say about it. This year started badly and seems to have getting worse. I sometimes feel that the black dog is someone my version of Dexter’s dark passenger; my passenger doesn’t want me to kill people however, just be sad.

Now, before it sounds all Radiohead crying on the back of the bus,  I will point out that I have been working with Lord Ganesha a lot recently so I am counting on all of this upheaval being unnecessary obstacles removal and not the sad disappearance of cherished ideas or life plans. I’m trusting on this.


So, what am I going to banish?

Starting, first and foremost with my other FB account. I have had that years and I feel in many ways it is stunting me. Why? Well, you know the way you are a different person around different people? I have had many different groups of friends and none of them really mix. I feel that on FB I’m kinda diluting myself. Afraid to say one thing because of a group of people, afraid to say the opposite because of another set of people. At the back of my mind I have the voices of people arguing with me before I even post anything. Madness, right?

I know, none of that should be a factor. But it is, and I have to acknowledge it and change it. I feel that I am not expressing myself freely and a new start with a new moniker may allow that. It may not. Worth a try.

There are some other changes happening, stuff that mostly only I’ll see,  but I guess all of these things are the reason why The Tower keeps appearing for me. I’m going to go with it and not fight the changes, see where it brings me. At the very least, it can’t get any worse. This is Ten of Swords time, a positive card in the sense that things really can’t get any worse. Onwards and upwards.

So, lots of White Sage, LBRP perhaps and that sort of stuff. Probably throw out stuff too. Phoenix from the ashes starts with burning everything to the ground.