Is Magick too narrow a lens to look through?

A brief Site Announcement before the main show
In case you haven’t noticed there is a new store section to the site. It only has eight items on it for the minute but I am sure this will expand over the coming weeks. For instance, I have found some print versions of my graphic novel FOR SALE, while I was cleaning out some stuff. I would have swore in court that I didn’t have any print versions of any of my comics left – so watch out for that if comics are your thing.

Are you getting a Return on your Magick Investments?

Frater Barrabbas posted a very interesting post yesterday – interesting in that it hits at something that has been playing on my mind over the last few days. Are some of my Magick Practices actually getting me anywhere? Am I actually getting any results from my efforts? Is there any sign of a return on my Magical investments?

In the post, Frater Barrabbas  states “The real issue here is whether the magic that one practices actually makes a difference in the life the magician” and this struck me as very important to consider. Am I blinding following practices in the hope of some future reward or am I getting benefit in the here and now? I am pursuing pointless exercises?

MAGICK PRIMER 02: Banishing


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Banishings are extremely popular in nearly all Occult and Magick circles, with some form of a Clearing Ritual usually being the first ritual that a new Magician will perform.  Depending on what source you go to, they are either the most necessary part of a Magician’s regime, or they are highly overrated and largely unneeded – I tend to fall somewhere in between. Banishings are important and useful but I wouldn’t go crazy with them.