Imposing your Will on your world

I recently took an online lecture with Conner Habib called Radical Undoing: Decolonize Your Mind with Sex, Science, the Occult&PhilosophyI thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, but there was one element in particular that lit up for me as something I wanted to talk about here. It is the idea of imposing your will on the world.

Now, before we go further, I guess I should explain why I mean when I say “imposing your will on the world”, as it is maybe slightly different from what Conner means, and I will hazard a guess that it is probably different from what you currently think I mean, given how “Will” is mostly talked about in occult circles.

Magick, Facebook and I

A recent conversation about social media with my wife led to some interesting insights about my friends list on Facebook. My wife was saying that she was sick of people on social media always going on about how great their lives are and all the wonderful things that are happening all the time to them. She said it isn’t a jealousy thing, she loves hearing good news from people, what annoys her is that she doesn’t believe it’s true.

Stealing Magick from the Simulation Hypothesis

I spent a lot of time last year thinking about the Simulation hypothesis of Existence and what it would actually mean to my day to day life if it was actually true. This led to a number of interesting ideas and thoughts, which in turn lead to some helpful techniques to make my life better.