Letters from the Arcane School

Letters from the Arcane School

Just got a HUGE load of reading materials from the Lucis Trust in the post. I rejoined the Arcane School a month or so ago, having not had any contact with it since my early twenties. Why did I rejoin? I’m not sure, something seemed unfinished. I felt like I still had some business to attend to with the old Master DK. However, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Over the last month or so I have been trying to follow the course they sent me and have been reading some of their “suggested Reading”. I’ll be honest that I have said “…really?” a lot to myself while reading it.

One of the books is Max Heindel’s The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, which to be honest I found quite quaint and old fashioned. It talks of the ghosts of suicide victims hanging over the graves of their bodies until the time comes to when their natural death would have been. It has quite a few notions like this, that I just honestly can’t be bothered with. It would be fine if I was reading it for curiosity sake, I probably would have really enjoyed it had that been the case, but this is the suggested reading from an Occult school. This is what the Arcane School present themselves to students with.


They also suggest Esoteric Psychology Vol. 1 and 2 and again I got halfway through Vol.1 and it’s all well and good but I kept saying to myself “And so what?”. All of these concept have zero practical use to me or anyone I know. DK says that it is helpful information for future reference, which again would be fine if it also came along with some good quality practical teachings for now.

Arcane School

The booklet that comes with the course, The Light on The Path, spends a lot of pages telling you how insignificant you are and that no one is interested at all in your day to day life and problems. The masters are too busy doing important work to care or help with people and their “so-called” problems. It is really condescending. It then goes on to say that even your soul evolution is insignificant and that it’s all about soul groups and everyone working for everyone else. This screams of a Christian influence to Alice Bailey’s work, that although is somewhat present in HPB’s work, it is nowhere near as sharp.

To be honest, the whole thing is way too Catholic for me. Lots of talk about having to suffer and not so gentle reminders of how totally insignificant you are. To be frank, the Master DK comes across like a total dick! He sounds like that person in an Occult forum who corrects everyone and talks like he knows all the secrets but can’t tell you because you are too simple and stupid to understand. I genuinely don’t like him. In fact, and I am really not one for these sort of things, but I get a bad feeling from him. There is no joy, no laughter, no happiness… there is nothing in him that I would want to rub off on me.

Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey

And that is my main issue. I feel that if I went down the yellow brick road of the Arcane School then I would loose all sense of joy, happiness or life enjoyment. I have come, more or less, full circle on my Buddhist thinking that this world should be shunned, I think that is wrong, even harmful. I think this world should be embraced with joy, not cast off as maya. It is, to my eyes, a form of spiritual escapism, a hurried running away in the opposite because life is too hard. Fair enough if you want to shun the world after you have mastered it, not so enlightened to do so because it has gotten the better of you. But of course, and as always, your mileage may vary.

So, not really sure what I’ll do with all these new papers. Not sure I want to spend any more time with the Arcane School to be honest. I have a feeling that the unfinished nature of my work with the Master DK is for me to realise that I really have to drop all the guilt and personal insignificance that I obviously absorbed from it back in the day.

Seems quite interesting, to me anyway, that I suddenly have a huge interest in all things Satanism over the last two weeks – not a hard jump to realise what my brain is doing, now is it? 😀

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  1. I think it takes a lot of patience, and a lot of reading between the lines to get past the difficulties you encountered with the Bailey works. And so much that is needed to really understand a given passage is scattered around in other parts of the works. Also, I think we have to understand the nature of all communication processes that involve human agents, as this is never the infallible perfection that many would take it to be.

  2. Just stop reading it dude . Stop complaining about something you don’t like while you are the one who rejoigned at the same place. It’s may be not something appropriate for your path or you may not really well inderstand the subject of real esoterism. Maybe? But whatever it is you don’t have to discredit something that you don’t agree with or don’t fully understant just because you lock enlightment.

    1. Brice, I am entitled to my opinion and equally entitled to share it. You are free to ignore it.

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