The Uncrossing Ritual

So, in my last post I talked about the experience of sometimes getting the exact opposite of what you magicked for and discussed a bit about this has manifested in my life. One of the things that I disregarded as a factor was me being Cursed or Crossed or otherwise Hexed. However, as a number of people mentioned to me that I shouldn’t dismiss this idea so quickly, I said, yea why not? let’s look at this thing and see what I can do about it.

The main feedback I got about doing an Uncrossing Ritual (i.e. a ritual to get rid of any curses or hexes aimed towards you) was that a Cleansing Bath is definitely the way to go. I also felt that if I was going to do some sort of curse removal ritual, I should probably go all out and use all the various elements that I have available to me – Banishing, smudging, petitions, sigils – the whole lot.

So, last Friday night I had the house to myself and I did an extended bespoke Uncrossing Ritual. Here are the details and I’ll talk briefly about the results at the end.


The Uncrossing Ritual.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
I felt that I should start with a basic banishing ritual. I was initially going to use the Star Ruby, but I wanted to keep it simple and direct. The Star Ruby is great but it has a lot of language that I don’t really understand (even though I know the gist of it) and calls on ideas that I am not really that familiar with.  I may not consider my self Catholic now, but it was the pantheon I was brought up in and my inner-being may well resonant more with the Arch Angels than the Junges, Teletarchai or Sonoches. Who knows if it matters actually matters, but the LBRP felt more right in this instance.

Hekas, Hekas, Este Bebeloi
I circles the room saying this to all the corners, including above and below. It means: “Far, far be removed the profane.” I ended this section with a nod to the Star Ruby by standing in the middle of the room with my right forefinger pressed against thy lower lip and then dashing down the hand with a great sweep back and out, expelling forcibly: APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS. (“Away every evil spirit”)

Next I did a full Japa round of 108 repetitions of “om gum ganapatayei namaha” and asked Ganesha to look favourable upon this ritual and to help in removing all obstacles, curses, negativity, blockages or anything that was holding me back or working against me – Know or unknown, intentional or unintentional.

I did a quick Invocation of my Higherself (HGA, DEAMON, INNER MASTER, deleted as appropriate) and gave a small explanation of what the ritual was for and asked for any help that could be given.

I placed a Candle Offering in front of my St. Cyprian Altar card and petitioned him for Help in clearing, warding off evil, curses, hexes or any negativity that is blocking me or holding me back.

I then printed out the Hamsa symbol and placed one above my office door and my main front door.  The Hamsa was used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history and is believed to provide defense against the evil eye.

Uncrossing ritual

– For protection, healing, purification, and peace.
Rose Absolute
– reduces fear and provides wisdom
– used for cleansing
– For protection, healing, exorcism, and clearing negativity.
– for purification
– To bring peace and healing
– Used to banish all things injurious to good health and attract good, healthy energies
Tea Tree
– For purtity, harmony, peace, and eliminating confusion
– great for spells of unhexing, helping to create a deeper peace by helping to remove curses and hexes.

– For purification, and removing negativity
Uva Ursi
-For Purification, Awareness, and Clearing blockages
Juniper Berries
– Used to banish all things injurious to good health and attract good, healthy energies
Solomon’s Seal Root
– Used for protection, cleansing and to drive away evil.
–  Used for overcoming obstacles and reversing hexes
– helps keep away ghosts and other venomous creatures. Commonly used in in various protection spells.
– Malignant spirits are kept away from the home by lovage

All of the above were placed in really hot water in the bath and left to soak for ten minutes before I got in. After I initially submerged myself, making sure all of me got covered in water, I began pouring the water over my head and washing from head down to feed – always away from my body. The whole time I said various Mantras – “All negativity is gone.”, “All bad thoughts are return to their sender or destroyed” “All negativity, know or unknown, intentional or unintentional is now removed” and things of that nature.

When I got out of the bath I dried off and then covered my entire body in Holy Oil (an Abramelin mix but with added Francine and Myrrh).  The towel went straight into the washing machine. I gathered up the remaining herbs and some water in a jar and shut it. Then I washed out the bath as thoroughly as I could and left the bathroom.

Dropped-EggNext I went to do an Egg Cleansing. The idea here is that roll an egg all over your body and see all negativity going into it and being trapped within the shell. When I went to take the eggs out of the cupboard my hand sort of jerked and I pushed the box into the shelf and dropped three eggs on the ground, smashing them. Awesome…

This sort of stuff has been happening me a bit recently, and I have to be extra careful when I do really simple things such as pour milk into coffee! If I don’t, it will just spill everywhere, or I will knock the cup or something really annoying and unlikely. I am not usually a clumsy person and this sort of stuff happens more when I am in a bad or low mood.

Anyway, were where we? Ah yea, fucking eggs all over the floor! So I cleaned that all up and preceded to do the egg clearing. When I was finished I put the egg in the jar with the bath water and herbs and taped it shut.

Next I smudged the house, first with Dragon’s Blood Resin, then White Sage and then Sao Paulo incense. I followed this by  going round the house with my bell to remove all spirits that were still hanging around at this point.

Next I Sprayed house with Jupiter Oil and water, which I put in a spray bottle. The oil I bought online so I am not exactly sure what is in it, but I feel the intention was more important here anyway. I seen the spray as filling the house with good new energy.

Finished off with another Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and then a Middle Pillar Ritual. I left the house, went down to the river and dumped the jar with the Egg, herbs and bath water in it, asking the river spirit to take away all the negativity, destroy it or return it to the sender which ever was the best thing.

The very last thing I did was ask for forgiveness for all the pain and suffering I had caused to people and things. Just like a Catholic confession, I spoke out loud and named some of the bigger “bad incidents” of my life that I am genuinely sorry for, and then asked to be forgiven. Who was I asking? Not too sure, probably myself.

The whole thing took about two hours. It felt good, and I felt like something was definitely going to shift in my life from having done this.

Results and Conclusions

I was extremely giddy afterwards, but I also had a couple of Guinness’s too. I don’t really drink that much these days so my couple of stouts probably had a lot to do with my mood. However, about two hours after the ritual finished I suddenly became extremely tired all of a sudden and just had to go to bed.

The next day I awoke in a very low mood. I felt like I was empty, I had no energy and I was quite stressed. It felt like the whole thing had been pointless and my previous nights optimism that something would change, was all gone. I felt despondent and had a huge sense of ennui.

But rather than wallow in it I decided to do some gardening which took up most of the day. I also cleaned my Altar and mopped the floors with some home-made Van Van oil (Vervain herb, Lemongrass herb and oil, Vetiver herb and oil, in Olive oil). I also marked the boundaries of my house with black salt.

CleansingMy mood hasn’t really lifted since, to be honest. I can’t get out of my head since, and I am constantly worrying, stressing, being anxious and a bit… I dunno, fearful? Not of things, of people or spirits or the like but fearful of the future or what is going to happen.

It definitely doesn’t feel like anything has lifted but it also doesn’t feel like anything is getting worse. Nothing has actually changed at all in my life other than my mood. So, in this one, I don’t seem to have manifested the opposite of what I was after – well not physically anyway. I have smudged every day since, doing lots of energy work to try to clear my body and mind (I recently got back into Reiki, but that’s another story 🙂 ) and I feel that this may be an ongoing process for awhile.

All that said, I am now pretty certain that all my issues with Magick are coming from me, and me alone. I don’t think I am cursed, hexed or otherwise. I don’t feel that I am being punished by the Universe or by God or whoever. I’m not being controlled or haunted by a demon. I don’t think there is an outside agency halting my progress or stopping my results.

I am.

I am the one blocking myself, nothing more, but as yet, I can’t see why or how exactly. I spend a lot of time digging into my mind to try to find a reason, or a limiting belief and I can’t really find one. Yet. I know there is something I am missing, one little twist that needs to be made and everything will fall into place. I feel very close.

My main mission now is to find out exactly why and how I am limiting myself, and I currently toying with an idea of using a Servitor to accomplish this. I’ll keep you all informed.

Until next time…


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  1. I loved this whole post! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone go to these lengths to uncross themselves before. It was both educational and entertaining, so thank you.

    What I got from it through it all was that you don’t seem cursed, you seem to be dealing with clinical depression and/or anxiety. There’s no way to know for sure, but I’ve worked in the mental health field as a social worker for years and your describe the classic symptoms. It could be worth your time to see someone.

    Magick can’t fix everything, unfortunately. Sometimes we have to get our help from outside/non-magickal sources, like a good therapist, or we have to submit to proper medical treatment to resolve issues that are plaguing us. That doesn’t mean spiritual and magickal practices can’t help that along, but I see many folks trying to rely solely on magick rather than getting themselves seen my a professional and they just continue to struggle because they are not really addressing the true problem. As a rootworker, I get a lot of clients who mistake having depression with being cursed.

    On the flip side, low energy could be that your energy is being drained by all this effort to uncross, cleanse and purify. I didn’t feel like I read anything about specifically raising energy in your post, but if I missed it my apologies. If you didn’t raise energy through the whole thing, here’s some thoughts- it can be helpful to raise energy before beginning workings like the ones you describe above, drawing from another source *not yourself* such as the Earth, or Fire, or anything that feels right to you. Ways you can raise energy include singing, chanting, drumming, dancing, activating your chakras/energy centers, connecting with Ancestors or guides, raising a ‘cone of power’, tightening the muscles all over your body and releasing them over and over also builds energy. My favorite is dancing, chanting & drumming. Taking a walk, fresh air and just being outdoors in nature raises energy all on its own. You could turn a walk into a walking meditation. There are youtube video aplenty to show you how to do this if you’re interested. Things that ground us are water, food, drinks, ‘pushing’ the excess energy down through our feet into our roots and back into the Earth or into water or a tree or other object, sleep, putting your hands into soil or sand or a bowl of salt.

    These are my thoughts as are. Hope something here was helpful. You gotta do what’s right for you, and I wish you nothing but success on your journey.

    1. Hey Taglio, this post is from a long while back – about a year and a half a go or so, and a lot has change din my life since then. if you listen to the podcastsm what the vlog or even read some more of the later posts you’ll see the journey I’ve been on. I am in an extremely great place these days. Life has really changed since I wrote this post.

      And it turned out it wasn’t Depression, although it did feel like that, I was just playing the victim ultimately and causes my own ruination. Plenty of shadow work done, and plenty more to do, but thanks for you message and concern. It’s much appreciated.

      But rest easy, life is good. 🙂

  2. Could it be possible that there is a clash of energies based on all the different forces you called to help you? First you worked with the energies of the Archangels, then called your Higher Self, Ganesha, St. Cyprian, and then the Hamsa Hand. I see why you may have done it that way but theres a chance that all these energies are competing to pull the negative away from you, leaving you in a whirlwind.

  3. Some good points all around in the other responses here.

    First, I have no idea if you are cursed or crossed.

    Very often these workings involve multiple sessions and baths are often prescribed for 3, 7, 13 days or more. In general magical workings are more effective if you repeat the process. A one-time effort may not “take” unless you are very proficient. Take for example the Scole Experiments, one of the greatest recorded spirit-workings in the modern era (or ever). They made contact with a group of human spirits who performed miraculous effects and direct communications but only after a YEAR of weekly attempts.

    Also, the effects of a curse or crossing can become acute or flare up in the lives of someone close to you as you go through the process. Bad dreams, feelings of fatigue, ect can come back during the initial phase of work.

    These curse-conditions can come about without the intervention of a malevolent ill-wisher, a spirit or an angry God. Simply trespassing over sacred grounds or harboring negative emotions over a long period of time can bring about such conditions, it’s not necessarily retribution from someone or something.

    Also, I question some of your ingredients in the bath. Loveage, comes to mind. I’ve never heard of it being used in cleansing nor Jupiter wash for the house. I don’t assert that as fact btw but you may try a traditional recipie or even try something more simple. Sometimes simple is better.

    Lastly, its common to use confessions, sacrifices and obligations during these works. Confession in particular is very traditional. Often magicians would confess to things they didn’t even do!

    1. Thanks Ian, I appreciate your feedback.

      The choice of ingredients was more finding stuff that I already had or had easy access to it, so it was far from a traditional recipe. The Jupiter oil was more for replacing the negative space with something more positive, again I wasn’t following any particular traditional structure or practice, just trying to follow the banishing with something else rather than just banishing. The Jupiter Oil was just something I had. I did make a Van Van oil the next day, which would probably have been more suitable. The whole thing was a bit last minute and mostly ad hoc – I can blame it all on my Chaos Magick leanings 🙂

      That’s good to know about the Confession element, it seems like a good idea to do as part of a cleanse. Well, it does to me anyway.

  4. Hello! I studied numerous folk magic traditions (mainly Hoodoo, the type of magic people in my country practices, a little bit of Brujeria, Greek Magical traditions, Wicca, traditional Witchcraft etc.) and maybe I can help you. I have to say, in past I also performed an uncrossing ritual which ended up with low-mood and low-energy, in a point that I fell asleep and then I researched about what may have gone wrong. Also I don’t think the problem is yourself.

    First of all, I recommend a traditional Hoodoo uncrossing bath. You need to add tiny bit of rue (don’t add too much or it will irritate your skin very badly), chamomile and most importantly coffee to your bath recipe. Then you need to put two white altar candles on either sides of the bathtub, anoint and light them. You probably know the rest, you just need to pour the water over your head 13 times while saying something relevant each time (a psalm or even Ephesian letters!), and here comes to the part where most people forgot doing, you should not use any towels, you have to air-dry yourself and make sure the candles extinguish by themselves and you need to wear new clothes. This should banish all kinds of evil away from you.

    Then, the most important part in my opinion, invocation. Most people just perform powerful banishing spells when something is bad and they end up with bad mood (that happened to me also) thinking the ritual did not work. Banishing cleansed you, but also created a gap within you and if you don’t fill it up quickly, bad things will. Just after the uncrossing ritual, you need to perform a blessing ritual. Invoke things you want (like more attention regarding small things). Banishing coupled with invocation usually cleanses things you don’t want and invocation prevents the post-uncrossing empty feeling. Oh also I enjoy your blog very much, keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Fax, thanks for the reply.

      Interesting that you mention Rue, as the word Grace was in my head for a few days recently. So that’s an interesting Sync there, I will definitely get some Rue.

      Also the towel thing is interesting, I hadn’t heard that before.

      With regard to the candles, do you mean like the big church Altar candles? if so, do you just keep them lit for days until they burn out?

      The Invocation thing did cross my mind too. That’s why I did the whole spray the house with Jupiter Oil, but that probably wasn’t enough. Oddly, I am usually the guy who stresses invocation after banishing and it looks like I didn’t really heed my own advice this time, so thanks for that.

      1. Towel thing is from Hoodoo, traditionally after a ritual bath (uncrossing or any other) you wouldn’t dry yourself with anything but air. Also for candle thing, normally you would get huge church altar candles, repeat the ritual for 13 days in a row and light candles each time but since most people don’t have that much of time (well… at least I don’t) you can get little candles instead of normal altar candles.

  5. I can understand where you’re coming from with your situation as I’m in a similar place myself. A couple of things…from what I’ve gathered, looking into the uncrossing ritual myself, it isn’t something you do once but a prolonged exercise for cleansing the mind, body and spirit. 7 day and 30 day rituals seem pretty common – a convalescence for the soul and a subtle re-programming of deep-rooted negative attitudes holding the person back. A hex or curse may be broken with a single ritual but if the crossed conditions have been around a while, they can’t be cleared up overnight.

    As for what that deep-rooted cause could be: I uncovered mine a couple of weeks ago and it really took me by surprise (mainly as playing Fruit Ninja at the time when it came to me.) I may believe in magick and gods and curses and such but the one thing I didn’t believe in was myself – not at the deepest level (this lack of belief stems from ongoing crossed conditions since childhood and so all I’ve done is fuel negative beliefs about myself and the world around me, making the crossed conditions worse.)

    No matter how we see the world, there’s not a god in the universe can help us, if we keep ignoring their advice in favour of such things as prior experience.

    We are gods and the gods are us – they see the world outside of our conscious perceptions (that no matter how hard we try, will always be tainted by life experience.) And though, it’s difficult to trust them without feeling like you’re wrong or crazy at times, they won’t see you wrong in the long run.

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