5 steps to make your Magick more Successful

5 steps to make your Magick more Successful

  1. Be clear about what you want.

    The goal of your Magick ritual, sigil, spell or working must be crystal clear. A good indicator of whether it’s clear enough is to ask yourself the question: “How will I know when this has worked? Is there a definitive and knowable outcome to this working?”

    If you do a sigil for money, for example, how exactly will you know when it has materialised for you? What has to happen for you to consider the sigil a success? Finding some coins on the street is an increase of wealth and would qualify as a result to a sigil for “money”. But that really wasn’t what you were looking for, was it?

    A good target is one that you would leave you with no confusion whatsoever about whether the Magick has worked or not.  A sigil for “Minimum 20% increase in income” is a good target because there is an actual tangible result that you can recognise as soon as you see it.

    Some people stress that you should leave outcomes as opened ended as possible. But for me, I feel you must at the very least have a minimum baseline for what you will accept as a win. You can add “this or something better” if you want, but that sort of needlessly complicated things. Best just to use statements like “At least”, “At most”, “within a week” or give an exact amount, date or event.

  2. Pretend that Magick doesn’t exist

    Anytime you feel the need to enchant for something, begin by working out how you would accomplish this goal if Magick didn’t exist. Ask yourself how you would  achieve this outcome in a mundane way. Make a list of all the steps that would have to happen in order for you desired outcome to exist.

    Then go through the list and start to do any of the items that you are already able to do using normal means. The bits you can’t do or need extra luck with, are what you should be attacking with Magick.

    Magick success

  3. Act as If.

    Once you have fired off your sigil, or finished your working, you should perform an act of faith as soon as you can. I have talked about this in a previous post Eat the Ice-cream, but the basic gist is that you do something that you would only do if your desired outcome was assured and definite.

    A good example would be to spend some money on a luxury item when lack of  money is the reason you are enchanting in the first place. This seems to loosen or unblock the flow of the desired outcome coming towards you.

    This isn’t a license to be totally careless, it is mostly a symbolic gesture. It should cause you some trepidation but not give you cold sweats and sleepless nights.

  4. Write detailed notes.

    Keep a Magical diary and make sure to write down every step you took along the way of your working. Take extra note of any weirdness or synchronicities that occur around you. Take note of everything – it may be months or years later before you see a pattern.

    Try to figure out what you did well and what you could improve on for future workings. In future enchantments do more of the things that worked, and change or drop the elements that didn’t.

  5. When it happens make sure to acknowledge the Magick.

    Make sure you acknowledge that the outcome came about due to your Magick, even if it appears it didn’t, as this enforces the notion within you that you live in a magical universe. A universe in which you have power to shape in your own image.

    If you don’t acknowledge the Magick as having occurred, the universe will quickly suck you back into it’s mundane reality where things can be explained with rational explanations. Magick is so ridiculously good at covering it’s tracks that you really have to be on guard not to let it fool you.

    I talk more about this important element here. This step is harder than it seems.


    And there you have it.

    I’ll probably do a few more list post like this if people enjoy them; I have a few in mind already. If you disagree with anything on my list or would like to add a step of your own leave a comment below or come find me on Facebook or Twitter.

    Until next time…




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