MAGICK: The Chaos Hand Grenade


I have spoken before about how Not Resisting Life has resulted in huge changes for me, and if you haven’t read that piece it may be worth your while to do so before reading on.

The problem is that I don’t think I was explaining the concept too well, mostly because I probably didn’t totally get it myself. The basic idea was to stop trying to change stuff in your mind and just let life do what it is going to do. This doesn’t mean that you accept it, or like it, or encourage it or anything like that – it just means you mentally don’t resist what is happening or going to happen. I found that when I stopped trying to change the future with my worrying and just allow whatever was going to happen to happen without resistance life became much better.

A good example is a break up – it can take us so, so long to allow the actual break up and actually accept that it is happening. We can spend moths, even years, resisting that it has ended – mentally rehearsing and playing movies in our heads about what we could do, what our ex where doing now with other people, or any of that stuff that we torture ourselves with. The biggest pain of a break up is from resisting that it has happened. As soon as we stop resisting that we can move on pretty quickly.

But what I have come to see is that the thing I was resisting in life was CHAOS. Now, Chaos means a lot of things to different people, so I am going to start by defining what I mean by Chaos in this regard. In life there are Knowns and  there are Unknowns. Knowns are what we know about, our comfort zones, the things that are safe to us, that we understand, that we can deal with, that make sense to us. Unknowns is all the stuff that we don’t know about, or is out of our comfort zones or safety zone. However, with Unknowns there are two types – Known-Unknowns and Unknown-Unknowns. The Know-Unknowns are the stuff we don’t know about but we know that they exist, even if that’s just vaguely. An example would be that if we don’t know how to drive, we are aware that people can drive – it’s just that we don’t know how to do it. The Unknown Unknowns are the stuff that we just have no idea even exists – and this is what I think Chaos is. It it totally potentiality, creativity and that experience that anything could happen. It also usually comes with some pain, as all change does, but ultimately results in a better, more positive situation.

The idea below for the Chaos Magick Hand Grenade was part of the original piece, but I feel I have now a better appreciation of the effects it may have than I did at first. This is dangerous magick, not to be taken lightly. It will probably make life seem a bit worse for a while before it will get a whole lot better. So use as appropriate.


  1. Pick an area of your life that has become stale, sluggish, and not going anywhere. You can do this for your entire life, but I think its best to start smaller and more contained so that you can compartmentalise and document the effects of the Magick more easily.
  2. Spend some time in a meditative state contemplating the particular life area you have chosen. If it is to do with a job then just let all thoughts about your working situation come and go in your mind with as little opinion and judgement as you can.
  3. Then visualise in your hand The Chaos Hand Grenade. You can use some similar to the Invisibles image above or something that works better for you. try to feel the weight of it in your hand, the texture of it against your skin, the smell of it.
  4. In your mind pick a scene that is a good representation of the life area you have chosen. So, if it it work, then the office or place of work would be good. If you have no job then the Unemployment Office, or Recruitment Agency or whatever. Just go with what seems the best representation.
  5. Still all in your mind and in this meditative headspace, know that you are about to infuse this particular area of your life with Chaos, and that things are about to change. Know what you are doing, be aware of the seriousness of your actions.
  6. See yourself pulling the pin on The Chaos Hand Grenade and throwing it into the scene you have chosen.
  7. Let the Chaos Hand Grenade explode and encompass the entire scene in bright, bright light.
  8. Let this light continue for as long as possible.
  9. Come out of the meditative state and go about your life.
  10. Keep records of any changes that occur in the area you choose. Try to recognise the chaos as it begins to appear. Try not to resist it.

If opportunities come up that you normally wouldn’t take – take them or at least explore them more fully than you use to. If it all seems to be getting worse, know that this is a great sign as you have to destroy the old to get to the new.

Until next time…




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